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Coptic Language & Alphabets
Coptic is the most recent phase of ancient Egyptian. It is the direct descendant of the ancient language written in Egyptian hieroglyphic, hieratic, and demotic scripts. (Wikipedia 2006).
Coptic/English Lexicon
Coptic Egyptian - English Lexicon.
Coptic Dictionary (PDF Document)
A Coptic Dictionary Compiled with the Help of Many Scholars ...
A Coptic Dictionary
A Coptic Dictionary compiled by W. E. Crum (1939).
Christian Terminology (PDF Document)
Pocket Dictionary of Christian Terminology.
English Coptic Lexicon
English Coptic Egyptian Lexicon.
Orthodox Terminology (Word Document)
Dictionary of Orthodox Terminology.
English/Coptic Lexicon
English-Coptic Lexicon.
Coptic Expressions
Coptic Expressions for daily use.
Common words (Arabic, Coptic and Greek)
Common words in the spoken Arabic of Egypt, of Greek or Coptic origin


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