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Egyptian (Hieroglyphic - Ancient Egyptian) English Dictionary Free Online Translation

Ancient Egyptian Dictionary
Ancient Egypt Web Site.
Middle Egyptian Dictionary
A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian.
Lookup Egyptian hieroglyphs in's Dictionary
This is an English-Egyptian dictionary, with English word or phrase, transliteration, hieroglyph code, and hieroglyph image included for each entry.
Egypt Pyramids Pharaohs Hieroglyphs - Mark Millmore's Ancient Egyp
Explore over 30000 years of ancient Egypt.
Dictionary of Egyptian Gods
The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
Beinlich wordlist
What is the Beinlich wordlist? The handlist of Ancient Egyptian words known to Egyptologists as the "Beinlich Wordlist" was announced by Horst Beinlich and Friedhelm Hoffmann in Göttinger Miszellen 140 (1994), 101-3.
Egypt Dictionary Index
Egyptologist, Egyptian, egyptian, egyptian vacation, Egyptians, Egyptology ...
Chicago Egyptian Demotic Dictionary
The Demotic Dictionary Of The Oriental Institute Of The University of Chicago.
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary
This small dictionary is not very comprehensive. It is more a kind of phrase book than a dictionary.
Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vol 1   Vol 2
An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary.
Coptic Egyptian Language
Tenaspi EnremEnKimi Coptic Culture.
Lookup Egyptian hieroglyphs
A web-based Egyptian hieroglyph-English dictionary.
Glossary of Egyptian Mythology (PDF Document)
Faq and Info about Egyptian Mythology.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Dictionary
Jim Loy's Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Egyptology Page.
Dictionary of Egyptian
Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddess


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