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Faroese English Dictionary
Faroese/English Dictionary - 47,000 (1976 Stephens). Faroe Islands. Indo-European, Germanic, North, West Scandinavian. Not inherently intelligible with Icelandic.
Faroese Danish Dictionary
Færøsk Dansk Ordbog—specialordbog og.
Faroese Spanish Dictionary
slóðir til hentar síðir - spanskur føroyskur orðalisti.
Dictionary Faroese
Dictionary Faroese English.
Faroese-English Dictionary (Google eBook)
Faroese-English Dictionary: With Faroese Folk-Lore and Proverbs by G. V. C. Young.
Dictionary Faroese Danish
Færøsk Dansk Ordbog.
Languages and Origins in Europe Faroese
Dictionary English Faroese.
What does Faroese sound like?
Faroese language sound files from the Faroe Islands.
Faroese Vocabulary
Faroese Wordlist

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