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Gaelic Dictionaries
Gaelic Dictionaries Online.
Gaelic Dictionary Resources
Foclóra agus liostaí focal Gaeilge ar an Idirlíon.
Briathrachais Gàidhlig
Online Gaelic dictionary compiled at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. This source is a Gaelic dictionary that translates from English to Gaelic, and back.
Dict.info Irish Dictionary
Irish bilingual dictionary often has more entries than Irish dictionary in the UD. Universal dictionary on the other hand connects Irish with more languages.
English-Gaelic Dictionary
English-Gaelic dictionary - Faclair Bun-tomhasach Beurla-Gàidhlig.
Gaelic-English Dictionaries
Gaelic-English dictionaries - Faclair Beurla gu Dualchainnt Ghàidhlig Gheàrrloch le Roy Wentworth.
Spellchecker for Scottish Gaelic
Downloadable spell-checking dataset for Scots Gaelic compatible with MS Office.
Computing Terminology
Glossary of computing terms in Gaelic. Is é seo cnuasach de théarmaí ríomhaireachta a fuair mé ó áiteanna éagsúla - ó GhAELIC-L don chuid is mó.
English Irish Dictionary (Google eBook)
English Irish Dictionary by Thaddeus Connellan.
Dictionary of the modern Irish language New
Irish-English Dictionary - University College Cork.
An Foclóir Beag
Online monolingual dictionary of Irish Gaelic.
Gaelic-English Dictionary
Online Gaelic-English Dictionary: Gaelic to English and English to Gaelic Dictionary.
SMO Dúil Bélrai
Online glossary of Medieval Irish - Gluais Béarla - Sean-Ghaeilge.
Gaelic dictionary New
An English - Scottish Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly.
Irish Gaelic Dictionary (PDF) New
The Alternative Irish Gaelic Dictionary - theopenunderground.de.
Gaelic-English Dictionary
Faclair Gàidhlig - Beurla Gaelic - English Dictionary - The School Gaelic Dictionary - Prepared for the use of learners of the Gaelic language by Malcolm MacFarlane.

SMO Gaelic Thesaurus
Scottish Repository of Gaelic Thesaurus.
Gaelic - English Dictionary
Angus MacKinnon's Home Page - Faclair Gàidhlig - Beurla - Gaelic - English Dictionary.
Gaelic Words (Word Document)
Gaelic Words And Phrases From Wester Ross Compiled By Roy Wentworth. This index to the English to Gaelic word-list shows the English headwords to both the main entries and sub-entries under which the Gaelic words in that list (along with, in most cases, examples of their usage) are to be found.
The Dictionary of the Scots Language
The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) comprises electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language ...
The School Gaelic Dictionary
Am Briathrachan Beag - Faclair MhicPhàrlain - The SCHOOL GAELIC DICTIONARY, prepared for the use of learners of the Gaelic Language by MALCOLM Mac FARLANE.
Dictionary of the Gaelic Language
MacBain - Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language.
Search Online Gaelic Dictionaries
Full Word: Searches the entire dictionary, English and Gaelic for occurrences of the given string as a complete word (not part of other words). ...
Gaelic - English Dictionary
Gaelic-English/English-Gaelic Dictionary Site

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