Dictionary between Russian and English Translation Online

Russian - English full dictionary - English - Russian dictionary (672795 )
Russian - English full dictionary (449757 words).
English - Russian Dictionary
English to Russian and Russian to English Dictionary.
Free Russian English Dictionary
Free Russian English Dictionary and English to Russian online translation.
Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, English-Russian New
The ideal dictionary for Russian learners of English.
Free Translation Online
Free online multilingual translation software for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages.
Online English-Russian Dictionary
Free online multilanguage text translation and dictionary.
Russian-English Dictionary
Vladimir Dahl's Interpretive Dictionary Online.
English to Russian Dictionary
This dictionary currently only supports translation from English to Russian, not the reverse.
Ectaco Online Russian-English Dictionary
English <-> Russian Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO.
Dict.info Russian Dictionaries
Online bilingual Russian-English and many other foreign dictionaries.
Dictionary Russian to English
Russian to English dictionary with thousands of words and phrases.
English-Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Security Terms.
English-Russian Dictionary
Online dictionary: English - Russian Dictionary of Phrases (more than 70000 entries).
English to Russian Dictionary
English to Russian Phonetic Online Talking Dictionary, copyright James E. Rivard.
Russian Dictionaries
Multilingual English-Russian dictionaries.
Words Russian English
The Russian words in the following list are all written with the Cyrillic alphabet.
English-Russian Dictionary
The dictionary is good for viewing both by Netscape Navigator and MS Internet Explorer.
English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary
This dictionary covers more than 300 areas of knowledge. Includes lexical, terminological and phraseological dictionaries, ...
Dictionary of the Russian language
Dahl's dictionary: Russian Dictionary.
Russian Dictionary
Russian-English Dictionary.
Aircraft Structures English-Russian
Dictionary Aircraft structures English-Russian.
English/Russian Glossary
Rastafarian patois - English/Russian glossary.
Period Russian Names
A Dictionary of Period Russian Names.

English-Russian Dictionary
English - Russian - English dictionary.
English-Russian Student's Dictionary
Online dictionary: New Large English Russian dictionary, English Russian dictionary for engineers.
verb.ru Online Russian-English Dictionary.
Megabook.ru Russian-English dictionary With over 300,000 Entries.
Russian Computing Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Computing for Everyone.
Dictionary Russian-English
A Collocational Russian-English Dictionary of the Human Body.
Russian Dictionary
The Russian Dictionary Tree a learner's grammatical dictionary created at Cornell University by Slava Paperno and Richard L. Leed.
English Russian Vocabulary
Learn Russian free online language courses.
Slang Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary of Slang.
New Abbreviations in Russian Language 1996-1999
This dictionary based on "printed" dictionary: New Abbreviations in Russian Language 1996-1999. This edition contains about 10000 new abbreviations and consists of two parts.
Russian materials
A Collocational Russian-English Dictionary of the Human Body.
Russian Foul Language Explanatory Dictionary
Russian Foul Language Explanatory Dictionary (Russkiy mat) - The words by professor I.A.Boduen-de-Courtene.
Russian Dictionary of Phrases
English - Russian Dictionary of Phrases (more than 70000 entries).
Russian Dictionaries
Ozhegov's dictionary, Zalizniak's dictionary, Vasmer's Etymological Dictionary .
Dictionary of Educational terms
How to translate into Russian Master Degree, Principal, Doctor of Education, Credit? What do abbreviations CEED, MEd, MSW, LLB, BM, AA, BN mean?
Basic Russian Phrases
Central & Eastern European Languages: Basic Phrase for eastern european languages.

Other Russian Dictionary Translation

Russian-Swedish Online Dictionary
Russian-Swedish bilingual dictionary.
Finnish-Russian Dictionaries
New Large Finnish Russian Dictionaries Large.
Multilingual Russian Dictionaries
bilingual Online Dictionaries in Russian-English, Russian-French, Russian-German, Russian-Italian, Russian-Spanish, Russian-Dutch, and Russian-Estonian.
Rambler's English-German-Russian Dictionaries. An electronic version of probably the most reputable academic English-Russian dictionary, with 250,000 entries.
Multilingual Dictionary
Czech from/to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Latin dictionary.
German - Russian Dictionary
German - Russian Student's (pocketl) Dictionary.
Latvian-Russian Dictionary
Dictionary Latvian Russian (Available in Russian only).
Finnish Russian Dictionary
Dictionary Finnish-Russian (Available in Russian only).
Russian French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Russe Français / Russian French dictionary.
Esperanto-Russian Dictionary
Esperanto-vortaroj Dictionary.
Russian Swedish Dictionary (Available in Russian only)
Online Russian-Lithuanian Dictionary.
Russian Swedish Dictionary (Available in Russian only)
Russian Swedish and Swedish Russian Dictionary.
Esperanto-Russian Dictionary.

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