Dictionary between Scottish and English Translation Online

Dictionary of the Gaelic language
Dictionary of the Gaelic language: 1. Gaelic and English. 2. English and Gaelic. By Norman MacLeod and Daniel Dewar (1909).
Gaelic-English Dictionary
Faclair Gàidhlig - Beurla Gaelic - English Dictionary - The School Gaelic Dictionary - Prepared for the use of learners of the Gaelic language by Malcolm MacFarlane.
Dictionary Gaelic
An etymological dictionary of the Gaelic language (1911).
English-Gaelic Parliamentary Dictionary
This is the first edition of a dictionary of terminology relevant to Scotland's Parliament in Scottish Gaelic and English. It is not intended to be the last word on that subject.
Handbook of Gaelic and English Phrases
The Tourist's Handbook of Gaelic and English Phrases le Mary Mackellar.
The illustrated Gaelic Dictionary
The illustrated Gaelic dictionary, specially designed for beginners and for use in schools, including every Gaelic word in all the other Gaelic dictionaries and printed books, as well as an immense number ...
Gaelic conversation and pronunciation
Guide to Gaelic conversation and pronunciation : with vocabularies, dialogues, phrases, and letter forms (1905).
A dictionary of the Gaelic language
A dictionary of the Gaelic language, comprising an ample vocabulary of Gaelic words ... with their signification and various meanings in English and Latin.
Basic Gaelic for Parents
A handbook in Gaelic for parents whose children are learning Gaelic in playgroup or primary school.
The SCHOOL GAELIC DICTIONARY, prepared for the use of learners of the Gaelic Language by MALCOLM Mac FARLANE ...
Gaelic-English Dictionary
Gaelic-English dictionary (1922).
English and Gaelic Vocabulary (Google eBook)
A new and copious vocabulary, in two parts: the first part consisting of English and Gaelic...by Patrick MacFarlane.
Gaelic Vocabulary
Gaelic vocabulary and phrase book.
Gaelic and English Phrases
The tourists hand-book of Gaelic and English phrases for the Highlands (1880)

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