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Xhosa Dictionary    New Dictionary
Xhosa-English and English-Xhosa Dictionary Live.
Xhosa on the Web
Old English to Xhosa - English to Xhosa - Xhosa to English - New Xhosa to English.
IsiXhosa National Lexicography Unit
The IsiXhosa National Lexicography Unit, (formerly Xhosa Dictionary Project) is a culmination of a project of the University of Fort Hare.
Xhosa English Dictionary
Xhosa English Dictionary isixhosa - isilungu Definition.
The Alternative Xhosa Dictionary
Part of the Alternative Dictionaries collection.
Old English to Xhosa News Xhosa Xhosa
Old English to Xhosa Translator.
English Xhosa - Xhosa English
English Xhosa Translator.
English to Xhosa Dictionary
English to Xhosa to English dictionary.
Xhosa English Dictionary
Old English to Xhosa, English to Xhosa, Xhosa to English and New Xhosa to English Dictionaries


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