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Glossary of Criminal Legal Terminology (Spanish-English / English-Spanish) (PDF Document)
Glossary of Legal Terminology. English-Spanish. (471 words).
Glossary of Legal Terms (PDF Document)
Glossary of Legal Terms. (English-Spanish).
Legal and Public Benefits Terms English-Spanish Glossary
This Glossary is composed of frequently used but difficult-to-find specialized words used in Legal Service attorney/client consultations, court proceedings, administrative hearings and publications. It is intended to assist interpreters, translators, bilingual attorneys, paralegals and intake specialists who already have a professional or semi-professional knowledge of the English and Spanish.
Legal Spanish Glossary (PDF Document)
Free Glossary / Dictionary of Legal English -Spanish Court Terms.
English - Spanish Glossary (PDF Document)
English- Spanish Glossary Legal & Public Benefits Terms Interpreter Planning Partnership (Ipp) Legal Services Of Northern Virginia (LSNV) Standardized Glossary.
English / Spanish Glossary for Clerks of Superior Court Henry E. Frye Chief Justice Supreme Court of North Carolina Judge Thomas W. Ross Director Administrative Office of the Courts November 1999 1.
Dictionary of Legal English-Spanish (PDF Document)
Free Glossary / Dictionary of Legal English-Spanish Court Terms Hosted by 161 Pgs!

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