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Theatrical Glossary
Amateur Dramatics & Operatics Glossary of Theatrical Terms -.
A Glossary of Improv Terms
The Glossary is a List of terms used in teaching and discussing improvisational theatre.
Theater Crafts Glossary
With 100s of Technical Theatre terms listed.
Glossary of Theater Terms
David's Glossary of Theatre Terms by David Eedle.
Theatre Terms
Short basic glossary of Theatre terms.
Multilingual Theater Glossary (Word Document)
MOLIERE Multimedia & Open Learning for Innovation in Education and Retraining of the theatre and Entertainment sector. (English, French, German, Italian.).
Glossary of theater terms (Zip file)
The theater terms glossary is useful collection for students or information junkies.
Glossary of Theatre Terms
A Compleat Glossary of Theatre Terms compiled by Tupelo Community Theatre.
Greek and Roman Theatre Glossary
Greek and Roman Theatre Glossary Compiled by Thomas Hines. Editor and phonetic advisor, Edward E. Foster, Whitman College, Washington, USA.
Performing Arts Dictionary
Dictionary of terms associated with ballet, tap dancing and music.
Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia collects and disseminates information on plays, playwrights and theatre practitioners.
Glossary of Theatre Genres
This short glossary explains many of the genre identifications used in this guide.
The Music Man Glossary
Glossary of Names and Terms Used in Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man".


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