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Burmese Language
The script lessons are designed for beginning Myanmar learners who want to achieve the basic skills of reading and writing Myanmar scripts.
Tibeto-Burman Language
Download the Burmese font - Basic Burmese Phrases - Burmese Grammar.
Burmese Grammar
Burmese has no standard romanization ...
Burmese By Ear or Essential Myanmar New
An introductory language course by John Okell. Burmese by ear or Essential Myanmar is a systematically graded foundation course in modern colloquial Burmese, also known as Myanmar.
Burmese Phrases
Burmese Words and Phrases.
Learn to speak Burmese
Introduction To Burmese(Myanmar) Language. Learn Conversational Myanmar Language and Burmese expressions with the right tones.
Myanmar[Burma] Language, Literature and Culture Learning Center
Getting Started with SEAsite
To get full use of SEAsite, you will need to get and install some free software onto your machine. .
Learn Burmese
Burmese Characters and Vowels - Burmese Numeric Figures - How to write Burmese Characters - Useful Burmese words.
Burmese Wowel System (PDF Document) New
Evolution Of The Burmese Vowel System By Nathanw. HILL School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Learn Burmese Words
Some useful Burmese words.
Intermediate Burmese Lessons
The following Burmese Lessons are targeted for students who have completed Elementary Burmese.
Burmese Language
Burmese Language and Literature.
Burmese Language
Learn Burmese in Youtube.
Burmese Learn (Youtube) New
Learn Burmese 01: Consonants!
Burmese self-taught
Burmese self-taught (in Burmese and Roman characters) with phonetic pronunciation. (Thimm's system.) (1911).
Burmese Language
Elementary hand-book of the Burmese language (1898)

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