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Cell biology - molecular biology
Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology.
Cellular Biology: Glossary of Terms
Following the glossary is an idea of sites (topically arranged) which are related to cellular biology.
Cytokines Encyclopedia
Horst Ibelgaufts'COPE: Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia.
Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Molecular Biology
Department of Medicine - The University of North Carolina - Molecular biology glossary for IDSA.
Glossary of Microscopes and Microscopy
The Glossary of Microscopy and Microanalytical Terms contains introductory information on techniques and instruments used by microscopists.
Centre of the Cell is an interactive science education centre.
A Molecular Biology Glossary
A Molecular Biology Glossary: A Quick and Dirty Reference to Terms Used in Molecular Biology.
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology Web Book.
Molecular biology Glossary
Comprehensive online glossary of the Molecular biology Terms.


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