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Ch'ol Dictionary
Ch'ol Dictionary of Tumbalá, Chiapas with dialectal variations from Tila and Sabanilla.
Chol Dictionary (Word Document)
A Historical Dictionary of Chol (Mayan): The Lexical Sources From 1789 To 1935 Nicholas A. Hopkins, J. Kathryn Josserand, and Ausencio Cruz Guzmán.
Ch'ol Dictionary (PDF) New
Diccionario ch'ol de Tumbalá, Chiapas, con variaciones dialectales de Tila y Sabanilla.
Chol Ritual Language
J. Kathryn Josserand - Chol Ritual Language.
Historical Dictionary of Chol (PDF Document)
Introduction to The Historical Dictionary of Chol (Mayan) with a Sketch of the Grammar of Chol Nicholas A. Hopkins and J. Kathryn Josserand

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