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Irish Dictionary
English - Irish dictionary (11747 ).
Irish Dictionary Online
Welcome to Foras na Gaeilge's New English-Irish Dictionary. The dictionary is available free of charge, and has been adapted to work both on desktop computers and on mobile devices.
Foclóir Beag
Irish Word Dictionary.
Dict.info Irish Dictionary
Irish bilingual dictionary often has more entries than Irish dictionary in the UD. Universal dictionary on the other hand connects Irish with more languages.
Irish Dictionary
English-Irish and Irish-English Dictionary by Andrew Newland Teaching art & design.
Irish Glossary
Short Glossary of Irish Vernacular and Slang
The Alternative Irish Gaelic Dictionary
The Alternative Irish Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Irish dictionary
Foclóir Téarmaíochta: National Terminology Database for Irish Language. Dictionary of Irish Terms.
Gaelic names of plants
Gaelic names of plants (Scottish and Irish) Collected and arranged in scientific order, with notes on their etymology, their uses, plant superstitions, etc., among the Celts, with copious Gaelic, English and scientific indices (1883).
Irish Gaelic Translator.com
This site give you English Irish Gaelic translations for free. You can ask for translations from english to gaelic with this gaelic online translator. These free gaelic translations are given by many native Irish speakers.
An Tobar
Useful Irish terms for the public sector.
Gramadach Lexicon
Simple printout of the lexicon used by the Gramadach computer programs.
IrishAbroad Proverbs
Irish Proverbs: Wit and Wisdom of the Irish.
Irish dictionary online
This is a searchable electronic version of de Bhaldraithe''s English-Irish Dictionary.
Focal Dictionary
Focal Terminology Dictionary Irish-English. (Available in Gaelic only).
Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language.
English - Old-Irish Glossary
In Dúil Bélrai has two sections: an English - Old-Irish glossary and a Verbforms database.
Irish Gaelic Sayings
this cool site gives downloadable Irish Gaelic sayings and Irish phrases.
Irish Gaelic Dictionary
Irish Gaelic Dictionary - Translate for Free on IrishDictionary.org.
An Irish-English dictionary (Google eBook)
Irish-English Dictionaky, with a Supplement, containing many Thousand Irish Words, with their Interpretations in English.
Gaelic Text Database
GAELDICT - Gaelic Text Database - An Milliún Focal Conallach, móide cnuasachtaí beaga de théacsanna Muimhneacha, Connachtacha agus Albanacha.
Irish Slang
From Arse to Maggot here is a full list of common Irish Slang.
English-Irish Dictionary (Google eBook)
An English-Irish Dictionary Par Daniel Foley.
Irish Dictionary (Google eBook)
The Irish-English Dictionary.
List of Irish-English Words (Word Document)
List of Irish Words with their English equivalents.
Irish Proverbs
Seanfhocal na Seachtaine.
Cavanese: English as spoken in Cavan
Most people are sensitive to the fact that the English spoken in Cavan (along with that spoken in any region of Ireland) contains some non-standard words and phrases.
Irish Glossary
Midnight Court Glossary Irish.
English-Irish Dictionary - Native tongue
Irish Identity Online English-Irish Dictionary with English terms and their Irish equivalents.

Irish-English lexicon
Wordlists English-Irish and Irish-English. Text-File.
Irish Naming Traditions
Irish Naming Traditions/Patterns.
Irish-English Dictionary
Irish English Dictionary Flash Gaelic Translation.
Irish-English Dictionary (Google eBook)
Focaloir Gaoidhilge-sax-bhearla.
Irish-English Dictionary
An Irish-English dictionary, being a thesaurus of words, phrases and idioms of the modern Irish language, with explanations in English (1904).
Irish English Dictionary (Google eBook)
An Irish-English Dictionary, Intended for the use Of Students and Teachers of Irish.
Corpas Comhthreomhar
Irish-English Translation.
English Irish Dictionary (Google eBook)
Intended for the Use of Schools, containing upwards of eight thousand English Words with their corresponding explantion in Irish by Thaddeus Connellan.
English-Irish Dictionary
Larger English-Irish dictionary. Focloir bearla-gaidhlige (1917).
Learner's English-Irish Dictionary
Learner's English-Irish dictionary : for use in schools and colleges and by students in general.
English-Irish Gaelic dictionary
FREELANG Irish Gaelic-English and English-Irish Gaelic online dictionary.
English-Irish Dictionary (Google eBook)
An English-Irish Dictionary:Intended for the use of Students of the Irish Language.
Irish Phrases
Select a topic below to see and hear common Irish phrases.
Collection Irish dictionaries
Scríobh focal nó téarma i nGaeilge nó i mBéarla.
English-Irish Phrase Dictionary
English-Irish phrase dictionary, compiled from the works of the best writers of the living speech by McKenna, Lambert Andrew Joseph, 1870.
An Irish-English dictionary (Google eBook)
Focalóir gaoidhilge-sax-bhéarla, or An Irish-English dictionary: Whereof the ... von John O'Brien,Edward Lhuyd.
Irish Dictionary
Irish, Breton, Welsh, English, Welsh-Russian and Russian-Welsh Dictionary. Geiriaduron Cymraeg-Rwsieg a Rwsieg-Cymraeg.
Irish Dictionary
FocloirGaeilge.ie - Foclóir Gaeilge.
Irish Dictionary
Irishionary.com - Irish English Collaborative Dictionary Online

Other Irish Dictionary Online

Dictionary Irish-Russian
Téarmaí Gaeilge don Earnáil Phoiblí.
Hiberno-English dictionary (Google eBook)
A dictionary of Hiberno-English: the Irish use of English by Terence Patrick Dolan.
Lexicelt - Vocabulary
Welsh-Irish and Irish-Welsh Dictionary and Vocabulary.
Guide to Irish Names
The Guide to Irish Names - First, Family and Place Names.
Irish-Castilian Glossary
Glosario Gaélico-Castellano Fecha Thursday, 22 January a las Tema Aprender Gaélico.
Irish Tetun Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Gaeilge-Téatam - Irish Tetun Glossary.
Irish-Russian Dictionary (Zip/Doc File)
Foclóir Gaeilge-Rúisise (Word Document).
Irish Dictionary Bird Names
English-Irish Dictionary of Bird Names.
Foclóir Fionlainnis-Gaeilge
Suomi-Iiri -Sanastotietokanta.
Irish Computer Terms
Téarmaí Ríomhaireachta.
Irish-Russian Dictionary
Foclóir Gaeilge-Rúisise

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Language Irish-Translation for Tourists (important words and Phrases):

HelloDia Dhuit
Thank youGo raibh maith agat
PleaseLe do thoil
Good nightÓiche mhaith
Neinní hea
How are you?Conas tá tú?

Numbers in Irish:

Onea haon
Twoa dó
Threea trí
Foura ceathair
Fivea cúig
Sixa sé
Sevena seacht
Eighta hocht
Ninea naoi
Tena deich

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