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Afrikaans online
Afrikaans : Die Knoop : Duisende Afrikaanse Bestemmings!
History of the Dutch language in South Africa New
Het Afrikaansch(1899)–D.C. Hesseling - Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der Nederlandsche taal in Zuid-Afrika
History of South Africa
SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY ONLINE: Towards a peoples’ history of South Africa.
University of KwaZulu-Natal
The Premier University of African Scholarship : The new University of KwaZulu-Natal unites two major educational institutions in KwaZulu-Natal – the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville.
Germanic languages: Afrikaans
WebVerbix is a free on-line verb conjugator. It contains a subset of Verbix for Windows features.
Afrikaans is a Germanic language, spoken in the South African Republic.
Die Afrikaanse spreektaal New
The Afrikaans spoken language by Pienaar, Pierre de Villiers
History of Afrikaans
History of Afrikaans (Language Museum).
Afrikaans Intro
Language information: Afrikaans began in the 17th century as a language variety then referred to as "Cape Dutch." It developed essentially from Dutch, Zealandic and other Low Franconian varieties with influences from Low Saxon, Malay, Khoi-San and Bantu languages, French, English and many others, ...
a language of South Africa
AFRIKAANS: a language of South Africa.
Welkom by Afrikaans in Europa. Können Sie Niederländisch oder Plattdeutsch? Lesen Sie dann unbedingt weiter! Sie werden sicher etwas verstehen!
Afrikaans from UCLA Language Materials Project
Afrikaans developed as a means of communication between Dutch settlers, local Africans (Khoikhoi), and African and Asian slaves.
The Dutch(Afrikaans)-English Language (Google eBook)
De Nederduitsche taal in Zuid-Afrika hersteld: zijnde eene handleiding tot
Browse By Language: Afrikaans - Project Gutenberg.
Kaapsch "Hollandsch" to "Afrikaans" New
Van "Kaapsch Hollandsch" naar "Afrikaans". Visies op verandering
English Wikipedia introduction
Afrikaans is a Low Franconian language mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia ...

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