Frisian Language and Literature Resources

Old Frisian
Why Old Frisian is Still Quite Old.
Frisian (PDF Document)
Standardization in progress of a language in decay Eric Hoekstra - Fryske Akademy, The Netherlands
Language in the Netherlands
Indo-European / Germanic / West Germanic / Ingwæonic (North Sea West Germanic).
West Frisian phrasebook
There are several forms of Frisian, but the most widely spoken of these is West Frisian, or Frysk. It is a language spoken mostly in the province of Friesland (Fryslân) in the north of the Netherlands.
Frisian Academy
The Fryske Akademy is an enterprising institute carrying out scientific research in the fields of the Frisian language, culture, history and society.
The Frisian Language
The Frisian language and literature: a historical study (1879).
Best Frisian Links
Frisian language and culture

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