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Fred Wilson
Beyond The Bitcoin Bubble.
BitFury Research
Automatic Bitcoin Address Clustering.
Oleg Andreev
How SegWit makes security better.
Matt Corallo
Bitcoin’s Diversity of Use-Cases and Security Models. Site Blog
Blog what’s new on
Financial Cryptography
Financial Cryptography - Where the crypto rubber meets the Road of Finance...
Gavin Andresen
Bitcoin developer. All-around geek.
Hacking, Distributed
Paralysis Proofs: How to Prevent Your Bitcoin From Vanishing.
Money and State
Money and State - "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes its laws." by Erik Voorhees.
The Memory Pool
Where ideas wait to be mined into the block chain of the collective conscience some transactions may be invalid by Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.
The Bitcoin public blockchain implements a global settlement layer by Nick Szabo.
Willy Woo
My thoughts on Bitcoin’s network congestion.
Tim Swanson
Business Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets.
Making Cheap Talk Expensive by Paul Sztorc.
Bitcoin Tech Talk
Proof-of-Work (PoW) was originally invented as a measure against email spams by Various.
Blockchain State Storage Rent Revised by Sergio Demian Lerner.
BitMEX Research
SegWit transaction capacity increase compared to Bitcoin Cash.
Crypto Influencers on Twitter
An algorithmically generated list of crypto’s most influential people on Twitter.
Freedom to Tinker
A platform for blockchain science and exploration.
Richard Gendal Brown
Thoughts on the future of finance.
JP Koning
Paul Krugman recently had this to say about the difference between bitcoin and fiat money ...
Wladimir van der Laan
Bitcoin Core tests: performance in VM.
Chris Burniske
Recently, an increasing number of crypto market participants and observers have become interested in a framework for ...
Eric Lombrozo
Back in 2015, when the issue of increasing transaction throughput was submitted for review, the framing was...
Jimmy Song
Bitcoin Diamond/Super Bitcoin/BitCore ...
Nicolas Dorier
Cooperation and Division of knowledge
Who Will Steal Satoshi’s Bitcoins?
Tuur Demeester
Economist & investor. Mainly Bitcoin.
Peter Todd
Bitcoin Mining in Space Isn't Practical Yet, But It Is Hard Sci-Fi
The Control
On the Scalability of Blockchains by Nick Tomaino.
Bitcoin Twitter Accounts
Lightning Network node count has exceeded Bcash node count.
Bitcoin Developers on Twitter
Software developers who have experience working on Bitcoin implementations or applications.
Vinny Lingham
Over the years, economists and philosophers have defined a range of choices that humans may experience in their day to day existence...

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