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Bitcoin QR Code Generator
Placing your Bitcoin wallet address in a form of a QR code is a easy way to take payments.
Omni Layer
An open-source, fully-decentralized asset platform on the Bitcoin Blockchain.
Bitcoin Core RPC Documentation
This is a website, created out of frustration with uncomplete and outdated Bitcoin Core RPC documentation online.
BTCPay Payment Processor
A cross platform, self-hosted server compatible with Bitpay API.
Wallet Recovery (brute forcing) tool
An open source Bitcoin wallet password and seed recovery tool designed for the case where you already know most of your password/seed, but need assistance in trying different possible combinations.
TradeBlock is the world’s leading provider of institutional trading tools for digital currencies.
Awesome Extensive Tools List
A curated list of bitcoin services and tools for software developers.
Bitcoin Script Debugger
This is a set of tools used to debug or construct scripts for use in Bitcoin.
Vanity Address Generator
Vanitygen is also a bit more user-friendly in that it provides feedback on its rate of progress and how many keys it has checked.
Bitcoin Graph Database Builder
Blockchain2graph extract informations from the bitcoin blockchain and insert them into a neo4j graph database.
HD Key Derivation Tool
Mnemonic Code Converter.
A C++ Bitcoin toolkit library for asynchronous apps.
GPU Vanity Address Generator
How to Generate a Custom Bitcoin Address with an AMD GPU on Ubuntu.
OpenTimestamps aims to be a standard format for blockchain timestamping. The format is flexible enough to be vendor and blockchain independent.

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