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Dictionary Belarusan-English
Dictionary Belarusan-English, Belarusan-russian, ...
Belarusian-English Dictionary
Belarusian Dictionary and Definitions in English, Russian and Belarusian (Available in Cyrillic or Latin only).
Geographic names
English-Belarusian Dictionaries: Dictionaries: Geographic Names.
Belarusian-English Dictionar
Small Belarusian-English Dictionary. Byelorussian Dictionaries
A free bilingual dictionary for Byelorussian-English.
Belarusian Grammatical Dictionary (PDF Document)
Towards the Creation of a Belarusian Grammatical Dictionary.
Belarusian Slang
Belarusian language - Slang word list - Colloquial Belarusian.
English-Belarusian Dictionaries
English-Belarusian Dictionary provides a searchable database and some older English-Belarusian word lists.
Belarusian Phrase Book and Dictionary (PDF Document)
Belarusian is one of the most phonetic of all European languages, ...
Special words and Phrases
English-Belarusian Dictionaries: Dictionaries: Special Words & Phrases.
Belarusan English Dictionary
Belarusan, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English Online multilingual Dictionary.
English-Belarusian Dictionary
English-Belarusian Dictionaries: Dictionaries: English-Belarusian Dictionary.
Belarusian Dictionary Download
Conversational BELARUSIAN for English-speaking students and Printing the Conversational BELARUSIAN Textbook.


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