Our references and Customers

Below is a sample of our references from recent years:

Siemens Corporation Munich-Berlin

Homepage:  www.siemens.com
Sector : Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

Kraft Foods Ltd

Home page:  www.kraftfoods.com, www.milka.de, www.jacobs.hu
Products: Milka, Toblerone, Peanut Butter, Philadelphia, Cheese and Nabisco.

HAHN+KOLB Ltd Stuttgart

Home page:  www.hahn-kolb.de
Products: Tools, measuring and testing tools, works equipment, electric tools and machines.

Siemens Elin Vienna

Homepage:  www.vatechelinebg.at
Manufacturing: Electrical Engineering and Electronics.


Homepage:  www.pfleiderer-track.com
Products: Railways and Commuter Traffic, Urban Traffic, Industrial Track Solutions, Plant Engineering and Construction.

Systronic Ltd Systems Engineering and solutions for Electronics Industries

Home page:  www.systronic.de
Products: Coating Systems, Drying Systems, Cleaning Systems and Screen Stretching Service.

L & S Oberflächentechnik Ltd & Co.KG Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

Home page:  www.ls-oberflaechentechnik.de
Products: Mechanical two-component systems, Electrostatic guns, Airless units, Diaphragm pumps, Flow pumps, Compressed-air double diaphragm pumps, Powder units, Heaters, Solvent recovery, Filter systems with ideas and Personal protection equipment.

Act aerodrome consulting team Ltd Stuttgart

Home page:  www.act-consult.de
Spectrum: Partner during the conception phase and all planning tasks around airports.

Steidle Ltd, Micro Lubrication Systems (MLS) Leverkusen

Home page:  www.steidle-mmks.de
Products: Lubrimat with piston pumps for external lubrication, Sawfix with piston pumps for sawing applications, Centermat (Aerosol booster),Pulsomat(Airless-System for intervalled, external lubrication), Toolmat(with piston pumps for internal lubrication), Lubricoolants, Deltamat with overpressure for external lubrication, Spraymat with Venturi principle for external lubrication

Bräuer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Ltd Wilsdruff

Home page:  www.braeuer-wilsdruff.de, www.braeuer-gmbh.de
Products: Bräuer Grit Treatment.

microjet GmbH, Minimal lubrication Systems Karlsruhe

Home page:  www.microjet.de
Products: Minimal lubrication systems.

aba z&b Schleifmaschinen Ltd Reutlingen-Mittelstadt

Home page:  www.aba-grinding.de
Products: Surface grinding machines, Profile grinders, Rotary table grinders, Double-column machines in portal form, Traveling-column production grinders, Cylindrical grinders and Special solutions.

HBS Elektrobau Ltd Oettersdorf

Home page:  www.hbs-elektrobau.de
Sector: electrical technology, automation technology, process technology, Medientechnik, safety engineering ...

Hamilton International Ltd Switzerland (Swatch Group)

Home page:  www.hamiltonwatch.com
Sector: Hamilton Watches International - Member of the Swatch Group


Törley Sektkellerei Ltd Budapest Hungary

Home page:  www.torley.hu, www.hungarovin.hu, www.bb.hu
Products: Hungarian Sparkling Wine, Hungarian Wine - the market leader in Hungarian sparkling wine.


Joellenbeck Ltd Weertzen

Home page:  www.speed-link.com
Products: Computer and multimedia

HOCHTIEF Construction Inc. Essen

Home page:  www.hochtief-construction.de
Building: Renovation & Conservation, Shopping Centers, Healthcare, Hotels, Industrial Buildings, Logistics Properties, Trade Fair Construction, Sports Facilities, Office and Commercial Buildings


Letterhouse Direktmarketing & Service Agentur Ltd München

Home page:  www.letterhouse.de, www.letterhouse.com
Sector: Telemarketing, Event and Lettershop

Der Möbelix Möbeldiskonter Wels Austria

Home page:  www.moebelix.at
Products: Möbelix, Austrias largest discount furniture store!

Henkell & Söhnlein KG Wiesbaden

Home page:  www.henkell-soehnlein.de, www.henkell.de, www.henkell-trocken.com
Products:  Sparkling wine, Champagne and Prosecco.

Mohles Fachkräfte Translation Dokumentation Ltd Erlangen

Home page:  www.mohles.com
Sector: Quality Assurance, Documentation and Translation

COM Management Vienna

Home page:  www.com-management.at
Sector: IT, PC, Network, Webdesign, Hardware and Software.

Fergius Hotel Weissensee Austria

Home page:  www.fergius.at
Sector: Tourism, hotels, spa

Bernhard Bügelmayer ZT Ltd Dornbirn

Home page:  www.buegelmayer.at
Building: Shopping Centers, Gastronomy, Hotels, Industrial Buildings, Housing Estate

CEN The Corporate Event Network Ltd Budapest

Home page:  www.cen.hu
Sector: Event, Meeting, and VIP


Rebschule Martin Gundheim

Home page:  www.rebschule-martin.de
Sector: vines and viticulture.

Mitfahrzentrale liftpool Bonn

Home page:  www.liftpool.ch
Sector: Car sharing sheme


Experts Speak the Language of Business Vienna

Home page:  www.experts.at
Sector: Foreign Language Training and Translations


sujet.design Temmler & Winter GbR Berlin

Home page:  www.sujet.de
Sector: Agency for communications design.

DQ150 Design Ltd Baden-Baden

Sector: Textile, furniture, design .

as well as for lawyers, counselors and chartered accountant

Sector: Law, patent and public relation.

For Translation Agencies

ecomac Ltd Used Machines for the Beverage Industry Neutraubling

Home page:  www.ecomac.de
Products: Purchase and Sales, Overhauling and Installation

Kalser & Co Ltd Vienna

Home page:  www.kalser.at
Sector: Machines and Supplies for the Beverage Industry

Krones AG Neutraubling

Home page:  www.krones.de
Sector: Factory Management, Process Technology, Filling and Packaging and Information Technology

Ohlinger Ltd & Co.KG Fußgönheim

Home page:  www.ohlinger.de
Sector: Quality Corks, Bi-Disc-Corks, Safecork, Weincap and Champagne corks

Robino & Galandrino SpA Italien

Home page:  www.robinoegalandrino.it
Sector:Capsuling machines - heat shrink, new generation roll-on, pleating & crimping, sparkling wine cappers, etc

ZANOX.de AG Berlin

Home page:  www.zanox.de
Sector: Zanox is an affiliate company based in Germany, operating an affiliate network throughout Europe and the wider international world. .

Baumer Italien

Home page:  www.baumerident.com
Sector: Identification Systems for the Automotive Industry, Logistics Management and Access Control.