Dictionary between Danish and English Translation Online

English to Danish Dictionary
Danish-English and English-Danish Glossaries.
Danish-English On-line Dictionary
travlang.com offers: Danish - English On-line Dictionary.
Glossary of English to Danish Education
Glossary of English to Danish translations (Education / Pedagogy terms).
Danish Dictionary (PDF Document)
The Danish Dictionary at large Presentation Problems and Perspectives.
Medical Dictionary
List and Glossary of medical terms: Danish.
Rimordbog New
Rhyming dictionary in Danish and Norwegian.
Graphic Dictionary
Danish-English dictionary of graphic design terminology
Danish English Dictionary (PDF Document)
Danish English Travel Dictionary for Knitters and Crocheters.
The Concise Danish Dictionary
The Concise Danish Dictionary is a collection of Danish words and information about them.
Dictionary Danish Kotava (PDF Document)
Types of Kotava words.
Dansk ordbog volume 1 - Volume 2 New
Danish Dictionary by Molbech, Christian, 1783-1857.
English-Danish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (English-Danish) contains 4,500 terms.
Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words (PDF Document)
Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words - English/Danish.
Dansk etymologisk ordbog New
Danish Etymological Dictionary by Edwin Jessen.
English/American Danish Dictionary (PDF Document)
English/American Danish Engelsk/Amerikansk - Dansk Dictionary.
Dansk Synonymik New
Danish Synonymik by Müller, Peter Erasmus; Dahl, F. P. J; Smidth, J. H
Kvinder Online - EDB Ordbog.
English-Danish Lexicon
Danish-English Text-File.
Engelsk-dansk ordbog New
English-Danish Dictionary by Rosing, Svend, 1804-1883.
Danish-English Lexicon
Danish-English Text-File.
English-Danish Lexicon
English to Danish Lexicon - Text-File.
Danish-English Dictionary (Google eBook)
Ferrall og Repps dansk-engelske Ordbog, gjennernseet og rettet af W. Mariboe ...by James Stephen Ferrall,Thorleifur, ....
Danish-English Lexicon
Danish to English Lexicon - Text-File.
Danish-Norwegian-English dictionary New
Dansk-norsk-engelsk ordbog by Magnussen, Johs. (Johannes), 1848-1906.
Dictionary Danish Norwegian New
Dansk-norsk-svensk ordbok by Natanael Beckman.
Dict.info Czech Dictionaries
Bilingual Danish Dictionaries for English, Czech, Dutch, Slovak, Faroese, and French.

Danish - Free Danish/English word lists. Danish is part of the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic family. It is spoken by about five million people in Denmark, the Faeroes, and Greenland.
Travlang's Danish Translating Dictionaries
English -> Danish, Danish -> English, Dutch -> Danish, Danish -> Dutch, German -> Danish, Danish -> German, Swedish -> Danish and Danish -> Swedish Dictionaries.
Dictionary Danish
Dictionary Danish English (Available in Danish only).

Other Danish Dictionary Translation

Danish-Dutch On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Danish-Dutch) is from the freeware multilingual program.
Danish Orthographic Dictionary
Dansk Retskivningsordbog.
Swedish Danish Norwegian Dictionary New
Svensk - dansk-norsk ordbog.
Danish - Hungarian Dictionary
Dansk-ungarsk ordbog – Dán-magyar szotár.
Dutch - Danish Dictionary
Dutch-Danish On-line Dictionary.

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