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Hindustani English Dictionary Free Online Translation

English and Urdu meanings
The Student's practical dictionary containing English words with English and Urdu meanings and Hindustani words with English meanings ...
Dictionary Hindustani English (Google eBook)
A dictionary, Hindustani and English: accompanied by a reversed dictionary ...
Hindustání English Dictionary
A dictionary, Hindustání and English (1847).
Dictionary Hindustani and English
A dictionary, Hindustani and English, and English and Hindustani, the latter being entirely new (1849).
English and Hindoostanee Dictionary
Hindoostanee philology, comprising a dictionary, English and Hindoostanee, with a grammatical introduction (1825).
English-Hindustani Dictionary (Google eBook)
An English-Hindustani Law and Commercial Dictionary of Words and Phrases ...
Hindustani self-taught
Hindustani self-taught by the natural method with phonetic pronunciation (1915).
English-Hindustani. Vocabulary
An Eng.-Hind. vocabulary of 3000 words for higher standard and proficiency candidates, or, "The right word in the right place" (1911).
Hindustani English Dictionary (Google eBook)
A smaller Hindustani and English dictionary.
A New Hindustani-English Dictionary
S. W. Fallon's 'A new Hindustani-English dictionary. from the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia


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