Dictionary between Vietnamese and English Translation Online

Vietnamese - English full Dictionary
Vietnamese - English dictionary (5818 words).
The Alternative Vietnamese Dictionary
The Alternative Dictionaries by Hans-Christian Holm ...
Vietnamese-English Dictionary
Online bilingual dictionaries Vietnamese-English and English-Vietnamese.
Vietnamese Dictionary
English Vietnamese Dictionary.
Dictionary Vietnamese to English
Free Online Vietnamese English dictionary.
Vietnamese Dictionary (PDF Document)
The Vietnamese Etymological Dictionary and "new" Languages Families.
HanViet Online Dictionary
HanViet Online Vietnamese Dictionary.
Vietnamese - English - French Dictionary
VDict (Vietnamese Dictionary) is the best and totally free Vietnamese-English-French Online Dictionary.
VACETS Dictionary Project
English-Vietnamese Technical Terms Translation Project by VACETS.
Vietnamese Dictionary Project
The Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project - Uni Leipzig: English - Vietnamese dictionary, 110.000 words - Vietnamese - English dictionary, 23.000 words - French - Vietnamese dictionary, 48.000 words, Vietnamese - French dictionary, 39.000 words - German - Vietnamese dictionary, 45.000 words - Vietnamese - German dictionary and 12.000 words - Norwegian-Vietnamese dictionary, 20.000 words.
Vietnamese phrasebook
Vietnamese phrasebook - Wikitravel.
Vietnamese Education Terms
Vietnamese-English Education Terms.
Han-Viet Dictionary
THIEU CHUU dictionary: Chinese-Vietnamese Dictionary.
Vietnamese-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Vietnamese-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
English-Vietnamese Vocabulary of Dogmatic Theology
The English-Vietnamese Vocabulary of Dogmatic Theology was translated by The Vietnamese Priests and Seminarians in Taiwan and Published by The Quang-chi Press, Taipei, on January 1st 1996.
KSVN Dictionary
English-Vietnamese Dictionary and Vietnamese-English Dictionary.

English to Vietnamese (Zip file)
This database uses customized font which also supports pronunciation characters.
Vietnamese Dictionary
The Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project.
Vietnamese Language Dictionaries
Cambridge English–Vietnamese Dictionary.
English-Vietnamese Technical Terms
English-Vietnamese Technical Terms Translation Project by Proz: Vietnamese Association for Computing, Engineering Technology, and Science.
Vietnamese - English - French - Chinese Dictionary
VDict currently supports 8 dictionaries: Vietnamese-English dictionary English-Vietnamese dictionary Vietnamese-French dictionary French-Vietnamese dictionary Vietnamese dictionary (Vietnamese to Vietnamese) English-English dictionary.
Sino-Vietnamese online free Dictionary
It's a small handy dict to look up old traditional sino-vietnamese words, up to 4000 words.
Vietnam Veteran's Terminology
Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang.
CJKV-English Dictionary
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese dictionary.
Vietnamese Online Dictionary
English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English, French - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - French Vietnamese - Vietnamese, English - English (WorldNet), and Computer Dictionary.
Vietnamese Dictionary
The free English-Vietnamese-French-German on-line dictionary

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