Type Japanese Hiragana Alphabet and Script (日本語のキーボード)

Virtual keyboard for typing Japanese Hiragana Characters without installing Japanese Keyboard or Operating System.
The Japanese Hiragana alphabet contains 40 consonant̵vowel unions, 1 singular consonant and 5 singular vowels.

How to change your keyboard layout on computer, tablet or Smartphone

Instructions for Windows and MAC OS:

Copy! [Ctrl]+[C] | [CMD]+[C] - Cut! [Ctrl]+[X] | [ALT]+[CMD]+[X]
Paste! [Ctrl]+[V] | [CMD]+[V] - Select All! [Ctrl]+[A] | [CMD]+[A]
Undo! [Ctrl]+[Z] | [CMD]+[Z] - Redo! [Ctrl]+[Y] | [CMD]+[C]