Free American - British Online Dictionary Translation

British-American Dictionary
An easy to read, humorous translation of British English to American English.
American-British Online Dictionary
The American-British - British-American Dictionary.
Cambridge Essential English Dictionary New
Cambridge Essential English Dictionary has all the words and phrases that you need to learn in British English.
American <-> British
The American-British / British-American Dictionary (for English Speaking People).
American English Pronunciation New
Pronouncing dictionary of American English.
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary New
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the best dictionary for general British English on Cambridge Dictionaries Online.
British - American Dictionary
(British) English Translated For Americans.
British American Dictionary
BBC America - British American Dictionary.
English Usage in the UK and USA
A light-hearted look at some differences between English as spoken on both sides of the Atlantic.
American English to British English Dictionary
American English to British English Dictionary - Including Abbreviations Used In The USA and Canada.
English (British) - American Dictionary
The BG-Map English (British) - American Dictionary Compiled by Mark Glicksman.
British, Canadian and American Vocabulary
British, Canadian and American Vocabulary - by Karen Bond.
An American glossary - Volume II New
being an attempt to illustrate certain ..., Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Richard Hopwood Thornton, American Dialect Society
American English (1921)
American English by Gilbertz M. Tucker.
Dictionary of Americanisms
A new dictionary of Americanisms; being a glossary of words supposed to be peculiar to the United States and the dominion of Canada.
Americanisms, old and new; a dictionary of words, phrases and colloquialisms peculiar to the United States, British America, the West Indies, ...
Americanisms; the English of the New World (1872).
Dictionary of Americanisms (Google eBook)
Dictionary of Americanisms - A Glossary or Words and Phrases.
Americanisms (Google eBook)
Glossary of supposed Americanisms by Alfred Langdon Elwyn.
Current Americanisms New
A dictionary of words and phrases in common use by Russell, T. Baron.
British English and American English Words
What are the differences between British English and American English?

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