Free American - British Online Dictionary Translation

British-American Dictionary
An easy to read, humorous translation of British English to American English.
American-British Online Dictionary
The American-British - British-American Dictionary.
American <-> British
The American-British / British-American Dictionary (for English Speaking People).
American English Pronunciation New
Pronouncing dictionary of American English.
British - American Dictionary
(British) English Translated For Americans.
British American Dictionary
BBC America - British American Dictionary.
English Usage in the UK and USA
A light-hearted look at some differences between English as spoken on both sides of the Atlantic.
American English to British English Dictionary
American English to British English Dictionary - Including Abbreviations Used In The USA and Canada.
English (British) - American Dictionary
The BG-Map English (British) - American Dictionary Compiled by Mark Glicksman.
British, Canadian and American Vocabulary
British, Canadian and American Vocabulary - by Karen Bond.
An American glossary - Volume IINew
being an attempt to illustrate certain ..., Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Richard Hopwood Thornton, American Dialect Society
American English (1921)
American English by Gilbertz M. Tucker.
Dictionary of Americanisms
A new dictionary of Americanisms; being a glossary of words supposed to be peculiar to the United States and the dominion of Canada.
Americanisms, old and new; a dictionary of words, phrases and colloquialisms peculiar to the United States, British America, the West Indies, ...
Americanisms; the English of the New World (1872).
Dictionary of Americanisms (Google eBook)
Dictionary of Americanisms - A Glossary or Words and Phrases.
Americanisms (Google eBook)
Glossary of supposed Americanisms by Alfred Langdon Elwyn.
Current Americanisms New
A dictionary of words and phrases in common use by Russell, T. Baron.
British English and American English Words
What are the differences between British English and American English?

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