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English-English Dictionary
Here's a short dictionary of some of the more common differences in word usage between British English and American English, especially words that may be misunderstood.
American English Dictionary
American English Dictionary for Students of ESL, EFL, and the TOEFL® Test.
Dictionary of Modern American Usage (1935) New
By H.W. Horwill - Oxford University Clarendon Press.
American Language
American Language, difference between Indian English and American English.
American Regional Maps
Dictionary of American Regional English.
Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary
Webster's Essential Mini Dictionary has all the words and phrases that you need to learn in American English.
Dictionary of Americanisms
Dictionary of Americanisms, by John Russell Bartlett (1848)
John Russell Bartlett (1805-1886) was well educated in history and literature before he and a partner opened a bookstore that became popular with scholars and literary figures.
(British) English Translated for Americans
This site translates British terms for Americans.
Dictionary of American Regional English
Pictures Dictionary und Geographical Names.
The ""COMPLETE"" us & uk confusions
Words that could be confusing and embarrassing in the UK & US.
American English List of Dialect and Slang Glossaries
FAST-US-1 (TRENPK2) Introduction to American English (Hopkins) The FAST Area Studies Program Department of Translation Studies, University of Tampere.
American vs British English
American vs British English - Basic Differences and Influences of Change.
UK to USA ENGLISH by Bry Carling
The Dictionary of American English by Brian Carling. A Compendium of equivalent words and phrases used in the "American English" and the "English English" languages.
The English-to-American Dictionary
Here's the complete English-to-American Dictionary in one big page.

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The American-British Dictionary - British-American Dictionary
These dictionaries are here to illustrate the differences between the American & British uses of the English language, in a fun way.
US-1 American English First Papers Index
Differences Between American and British English.
English to English
American and British words - American English - British English.
Learning American English
Everyday Conversations in English by U.S. Department of State.
British - American Dictionary
Welcome to the BritSpeak Dictionary! Many of the words you will find here are colloquialisms, the colourful language of daily living.
The English-to-American Dictionary
Translations for Americans of British English words.
AmeriSpeak: expressions of our American ancestors
Here's a place to record those phrases that have been passed down through the generations in your family!
Dictionary of American English (Google eBook)
Dictionary of American regional English by Frederic Gomes Cassidy, Joan Houston Hall.
Common words in British and American English
Here are a few of the more common words which are different in American and British English.
In the Loop (American English)
This book is a wonderful reference guide to American English idioms for your classroom.
American English Dictionary
American English Dictionary for ESL, EFL and TOEFL Students.
American-English Translation
American-English/English-American Translation Guide.
British English vs American English
Britain vs America; Sites that cover the difference between British and American English from the AussieSlang.com Slang & Dialects Directory.

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