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Fjalor I Gjuhës Së Sotme Shqipe.
English-Albanian Dictionary (PDF Document)
English-Albanian Dictionary V.05.2011 Jerzy Kazojc (c) copyright 2011.
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Fjalor shqip shumë gjuhësh. Përmban Shqip, Anglisht, Greqisht, Italisht dhe Spanjisht Online Albanian dictionary. Contains Albanian, English, Greek, Italian and Spanish
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Dictionary Albanian by Leonard Newmark 2005.
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English-Albanian and Albanian-English dictionary -- Word search between Albanian and English.
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Albanian Verb Dictionary and Manual Geoff Husic University of Kansas Libraries PDF edition.
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Webster's Online Dictionary with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation.
Dictionary of Albanian Language (Word Document)
Parole E Frasi Comuni - Common Words and Phrases.
Albanian to Spoken (Google eBook)
Albanian: A Guide to the Spoken Language, Band 30,
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Fjalor i Gjuhes Shqipe - Anglishte, Anglish Shqip
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Albanian Etymological Dictionary by Vladimir Orel.
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Common Lexic in Romanian and Albanian. Substrate and Loanwords.
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This collection of Albanian dictionaries, Albanian to English and English to Albanian, provides users and learners of both languages with a rich linguistic resource of terms and definitions with clear and concise translations.

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FREELANG - Albanian-English and English-Albanian online dictionary.
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Albanian-English Dictionary V.05.2011.
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Websters Online Albanian English Dictionary shqiptar - anglisht - fjalor & përkthim - Definition - përcaktim.
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All available Albanian dictionaries. Albanian to English translation.
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Wordlists English-Albanian and Albanian-English. Text-File

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LEXIN Swedish-Albanian Dictionary
Bilingual Swedish-Albanian dictionary.
Albanian-Italian Dictionary
Dizionario generale Albanese Tosk.
Serbian Albanian Word Lists
GeoNative - Kosovo - Albanians of Montenegro and Macedonia.

Essential Phrases and Words in Albanian For Travellers:

PleaseTë LutemTer Lootehm
Thank YouFaleminderitFahlehmeendehreet
Good MorningMirëmëngjesMeermernjehs
Good AfternoonMirëditaMeerdeetah
Good NightNatën E MirëNahtern Eh Meer
What Is Your Name?Si Ju Quajnë?See Yoo Chooayn
My Name Is...Unë Quhem...Oon Ch'oohehm
How Are You?Si Jeni?See Yehnee
Fine Thanks, And You?Mirë Faleminderit, Po Ju?Meer Fahlehmeendehreet, Poh Yoo
I Understand.E Kuptoj.Eh Kooptoy
I Don't Understand.Nuk Kuptoj.Nook Kooptoy
Do You Speak English?Flisni Anglisht?Fleesnee Ahngleesht
I Don't Speak (Much) AlbanianNuk Flas (Shumë) Shqip.Nook Flahs (Shoom) Shch'eep

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