Albanian Language and Literature Resources

Albanian is spoken in the following countries: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

Languages of Albania
Albania - Ethnologue - Languages of the World - SIL - Summer Institute of Linguistics.
PIE *e in Albanian New
Michiel de Vaan.
Albanian World Wide Web Homepage
The Albanians are the creators and bearers of one of humankind's fundamental languages, a language that has its unshakable place among a dozen or so of the main languages of the world.
Languages Albanian
BBC - Languages Across Europe - Albanian.
Albanian Language
Historical and grammatical information on the Albanian language.
Albanian Language
Albanian Audio Books, Albanian Children's Books, Albanian Design, Albanian Desk Top Publishing, Albanian Dictionary, Albanian Dictionary|Military, Albanian ESL-English as Second Language, Albanian Fiction, Albanian Fonts, Albanian General Office, Albanian Graphics/Drawing, Albanian Learn, ...
Albi Qeli Albanian
English Albanian online dictionary - Albanian pronunciation guide ...

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