Dictionary between Armenian and English Translation Online

Armenian Phrases
Armeniapedia Armenian Phrases: Greetings & Civilities - Getting Around - Around Town - Countries - Animals - Foods - Small Talk - Accomodation - Shopping - Numbers.
Western to Eastern Armenian Dictionary
A must for first time Western Armenian Visitors to Armenia.
Armenian Dictionary New
Armenian Spell Checker Dictionary. Armenian dictionary contains 17,663 words.
Armenian Dictionary
FREELANG: Armenian-English dictionary and English-Armenian dictionary.
Eastern Armenian Dictionary
English -Armenian Travel Dictionary.
Armenian Dictionary (PDF Document)
Armenian English Dictionary.
English-Armenian Dictionary
Armenian-English and English-Armenian Dictionary.
English-Armenian Dictionary
Online dictionary translates from English to Armenian.
Armenian-English, English-Armenian Dictionary
Hayastan.com from Armenian to English Dictionary, from English to Armenian Dictionary - the HTML dictionary contains over 9,000 terms.
Armenian Dictionary
The Alternative Armenian Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Dictionary Armenian English (Word) - Translation Armenian English (Text)
Dictionary Armenian English Translation Word and Text Online.
Multilingual Dictionary
Dictionary Armenian-English - multilingue russian german french spain.
Glossary of Armenian terms
Glossary of Armenian terms, sites and famous people.
Adventures in Armenian Cooking
Adventures in Armenian Cooking | Abbreviations & Glossary.
Armland English-Armenian Dictionary
Online Dictionary Translation from English to Armenian.
Armenian English Dictionary (Word Document)
Armenian Vocabulary Words New
A Vocabulary of Words Used in Modern Armenian But Not Found in the Ancient ...
English and Armenian Dictionary
Dictionary: English and Armenian (1868).
Dictionary Armenian-English
New dictionary Armenian-English (1875).
Travlang's Armenian for Travelers
Travlang's Armenian for Travelers: Hayeren Chanabarhourti

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