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Armenian Phrases
Armeniapedia Armenian Phrases: Greetings & Civilities - Getting Around - Around Town - Countries - Animals - Foods - Small Talk - Accomodation - Shopping - Numbers.
Western to Eastern Armenian Dictionary
A must for first time Western Armenian Visitors to Armenia.
Armenian Dictionary New
Armenian Spell Checker Dictionary. Armenian dictionary contains 17,663 words.
Armenian Dictionary
FREELANG: Armenian-English dictionary and English-Armenian dictionary.
Armenian Dictionary (PDF Document)
Armenian English Dictionary.
English-Armenian Dictionary
Armenian-English and English-Armenian Dictionary.
English-Armenian Dictionary
Online dictionary translates from English to Armenian.
Armenian-English, English-Armenian Dictionary
Hayastan.com from Armenian to English Dictionary, from English to Armenian Dictionary - the HTML dictionary contains over 9,000 terms.
Armenian Dictionary
The Alternative Armenian Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Glossary of Armenian terms
Glossary of Armenian terms, sites and famous people.
Adventures in Armenian Cooking
Adventures in Armenian Cooking | Abbreviations & Glossary.
Armenian English Dictionary (Word Document)
Armenian Vocabulary Words New
A Vocabulary of Words Used in Modern Armenian But Not Found in the Ancient ...
English and Armenian Dictionary
Dictionary: English and Armenian (1868).
Dictionary Armenian-English
New dictionary Armenian-English (1875).
Travlang's Armenian for Travelers
Travlang's Armenian for Travelers: Hayeren Chanabarhourti

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