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Armenian Phrases
Armeniapedia Armenian Phrases: Greetings & Civilities - Getting Around - Around Town - Countries - Animals - Foods - Small Talk - Accomodation - Shopping - Numbers.
Oriental languages at the digital age: Delivering new technologies for oriental languages. Dedicated to organizations, companies and cultural heritage professionals.
Western to Eastern Armenian Dictionary
A must for first time Western Armenian Visitors to Armenia.
Armenian Dictionary (Interface Armenian)
Armenian Spell Checker Dictionary. Armenian dictionary contains 17,663 words.
Armenian words (in downloadable PDF format) New
My first book of armenian words by Ani Gigarjian and Linda Avedikian.
Armenian Etymology (in downloadable PDF format)
Armenian Etymology with English Cognates and PIE Roots Arak-29 Foundation, Yerevan, Armenia.
Dictionary English-Armenian
By George Bayan (1926).
Etymological Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon.
Armenian Dictionary
FREELANG: Armenian-English dictionary and English-Armenian dictionary.
Armenian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Armenian English Dictionary.
Armenian-English, English-Armenian Dictionary
Hayastan.com from Armenian to English Dictionary, from English to Armenian Dictionary - the HTML dictionary contains over 9,000 terms. Armenian<->English electronic pocket talking dictionaries and speech-to-speech translators
Armenian, Latin, German, English, Turkish, Kurdish and French Dictionary.
English-Armenian Dictionary
Online dictionary translates from English to Armenian.
Armenian Dictionary
The Alternative Armenian Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Armenian proverbs (in downloadable PDF format)
Armenian Sayings Translation into English by the R.G. Bayan.
Glossary of Armenian terms
Glossary of Armenian terms, sites and famous people.
Adventures in Armenian Cooking
Adventures in Armenian Cooking | Abbreviations & Glossary.

Armenian English Dictionary (Word Document)
Armenian Proverbs (in downloadable PDF format)
Original Armenia Proverbs and theBiblical Scripture.
Armenian Male Names
The names are given first in Western Armenian, then if there is an Eastern Armenian pronunciation, that is given. Popular alternative transliterations may be given, but generally the simple, phonetic transliteration will be used.
Armenian Vocabulary Words (Google eBook)
A Vocabulary of Words Used in Modern Armenian But Not Found in the Ancient ...
Arak29.org Étymologie
Armenian Dictionnaire Resource Page - ARAK29.
Armenian Latin (Google eBook)
Dictionary of Armenian Latin.
Armenian Dictionary
Armenian to Latin Dictionary by Hovhannes Miskjian.
Armenian Dictionary
Latin to Armenian Dictionary by Hovhannes Miskjian.
English and Armenian Dictionary
Dictionary: English and Armenian (1868).
Armenian translation
Hin hayots&s; teghwoy annunnere [Ancient Armenian Place Names] - by Heinrich Hubschmann.
Studies in Armenian etymology
With special emphasis on dialects and culture Indo-European heritage.
Dictionary Armenian-English
New dictionary Armenian-English (1875).
The Place of Armenian
The place of Armenian in the Indo-European language family: the relationship with Greek and Indo-Iranian by Hrach Martirosyan.
Armenian Etymology
Arak-29 is an educational and cultural foundation dedicated to promoting national renewal, cultural restoration ... for all Armenians within a collaborative research think and do environment in Armenia.
Travlang's Armenian for Travelers
Travlang's Armenian for Travelers: Hayeren Chanabarhourti.

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