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These resources are primarily based on the Myanmar-English Dictionary (1993, Myanmar Language) - The dictionary contains about 35,000 entries, including spoken and literary styles, the names of common flora and fauna, and archaic and obsolete words.
Burmese-English Phrases
Burmese-English Phrases, Numbers & Grammar
The Burmese language is the official language of Myanmar. (Wikipedia 2006).
Burmese Word Lists
Burmese Dictionary - Some useful Burmese words.
The Mon Information Home Page
This home page provides information about the Mon people. There are several million Mon people in Burma and Thailand.
Burmese-English-Burmese Online Dictionary
Online dictionary for English and Burmese, Myanmar in both directions.
Burmese Dictionary
English-Burmese Dictionary.
Karenni Lexicon (PDF Document)
Burmese - Karenni Lexicon.
Myanmar-English Dictionary
There are two search buttons for the moment (in future, there will be a third for Myanmar-English searching).
English Burmese Dictionary (Google eBook)
A dictionary: English and Burmese - Google Book Search.
Online English-Myanmar Dictionary
A Myanmar website with Learn Myanmar Online and English to Myanmar Dictionary.
Myanmar Dictionary
San Lwin - English-Myanmar Dictionary

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