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Burmese Grammar
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Grammar Burmese
Grammar of the Burmese language, by A. Judson.
Grammar Burmah (Google eBook)
A grammar of the language of Burmah by Thomas Latter.
Orthography Burmese
Changes in Burmese Phonology and Orthography.
Consisting of grammatical notes
The Anglo-Burmese student's assistant. Consisting of grammatical notes with numerous examples and analysis of sentences (1877).
Burmese language Grammar (Google eBook)
Grammatical notices of the Burmese language by Adoniram Judson.
Burmese Grammar (Google eBook)
A Grammar of the Burman Language: To which is Added a List of the Simple ...von Felix Carey.
Burmese Adaptation
English Loan Word Adaptation in Burmese.
A Burmese reader
A Burmese reader; being an easy introduction to the written language and companion to Judson's grammar

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