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English-Georgian Dictionary
Introducing first digital English-Georgian Dictionary on the NET.
Georgian Phrases and Sound
Georgian Language : Georgian Phrases and Sound.
Georgian Dictionary
English - Georgian dictionary (6249 ).
Comprehensive English-Georgian Dictionary
English-Georgian Dictionary by Margaliti Limited Tinatin Margalitadze.
English-Georgian Dictionary (PDF Document)
English-Georgian Dictionary presented by Besiki Sisauri.
English <> Georgian online Dictionary
Free Georgian English Free Online Dictionary with over 450 000 words.

Other Georgian Dictionary Translation

Georgian Dictionary
Free online dictionary, thesaurus, english-georgian, georgian-english, russian-georgian, georgian-russian, audio pronunciations.
Latin-Georgian (PDF Document)
Latin-georgian legal Dictionary.
Eurodict Greek-Bulgarian Dictionary
Eurodict - Free Online Dictionary Bulgarian Turkish English properties property.
French Georgian Dictionary
Géorgien en ligne / Georgian online

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