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English-Georgian Dictionary
Introducing first digital English-Georgian Dictionary on the NET.
English – Georgian Dictionary
Introducing first digital English-Georgian Dictionary on the NET.
Georgian-English dictionary
by Cherkesi, E.
Georgian Phrases and Sound
Georgian Language : Georgian Phrases and Sound.
Análisis de los fraseologismos New
Análisis de los fraseologismos con elementos zoomórfcos en español y georgiano.
Georgian Dictionary
English - Georgian dictionary (6249 ).
National Library of Georgia - English-Georgian Dictionary
The National Library Parliamentary of Georgia.
Dictionary of idioms
The Institute of Linguistic Studies at the Ilia State University presents the Online Dictionary of Idioms developed under the financial support of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.
Comprehensive English-Georgian Dictionary
English-Georgian Dictionary by Margaliti Limited Tinatin Margalitadze.
Dittionario giorgiano e italiano
By Stefano Paolini.
Slang Lexical Borrowings in Georgian-Russian Cross-cultural Relations (PDF document) New
Philology meets Linguistics.
Georgian Dictionary (PDF document)
Georgian Megrelian Laz Svan English Dictionary.
Français - géorgien pour débutants New
Français - géorgien Cours de langue avec supports audio.
English-Georgian Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Georgian Dictionary presented by Besiki Sisauri.
English <> Georgian online Dictionary
Free Georgian English Free Online Dictionary with over 450 000 words.

Other Georgian Dictionary Translation

Georgian Dictionary
Free online dictionary, thesaurus, english-georgian, georgian-english, russian-georgian, georgian-russian, audio pronunciations.
Latin-Georgian (in downloadable PDF format)
Latin-georgian legal Dictionary.
Eurodict Greek-Bulgarian Dictionary
Eurodict - Free Online Dictionary Bulgarian Turkish English properties property.
French Georgian Dictionary
Géorgien en ligne / Georgian online .

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