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Dictionary German English Bahasa Malaysia
LinguaWeb - translation from Malay to other languages.
Malay English Dictionary (PDF Document)
An Abridged Malay English Dictionary romanized by Richard James Wilkinson.
Malay-French-English Dictionary
Online Trilingual French-English-Malais - Melayu.
Malay-English Dictionary
Dr. D. K. Bhanot's Online Malay-English Dictionary - Download Dr. D. K. Bhanot's Malay Dictionary.
KAiSEL Alam Bina (eDictionary)
KAiSEL stands for Kamus Istilah Elektronik in Malay. It is loosely translated to mean an electronic dictionary of terminologies.
Dictionary Malay Kotava (PDF Document)
Types of Kotava words.
Malay-English Dictionary
Qntal's and Bhanot's English Cyber-Dictionary.
Malay-English lexicon - English-Malay Lexicon
Wordlists English-Malay and Malay-English. Text-File.
Malay-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Malay-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
Modern Malay dictionary online - Kamus
Modern Malay dictionary. Kamus. English to Malay dictionary and translation online.
(PDF Document)
A dictionary of the Malay tongue as spoken in the Peninsula of Malacca.
English to Malay Translation
English-Malay Online Translation.
Free English-Malay Online Dictionary
Free English-Malay online dictionary containing over 25,000 English words.
Malay Dictionary Webserver
French-English-Malay Dictionary Webserver.
Dictionary Malay
Dictionary of the Malay Language.
Online Dictionary Malay-English
Online Dictionary (English-Malay/Malay-English).
Dictionary of the Malay Language
A grammar and dictionary of the Malay language : with a preliminary dissertation (1852).
Dictionary Malayan (Google eBook)
A dictionary of the Malayan language; to which is prefixed a grammar, with ...BY William Marsden

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