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Uzbek Dictionary
Total number of words in Uzbek English dictionary is now 32925 (+10000).
Uzbek Dictionary
English-uzbek, uzbek-english dictionary. O'zbekcha-Inglizcha, Inlizcha-o'zbekcha yangi onlayn lug'at.
Uzbek-English Dictionary
Zangari Kema Uzbek - English Dictionary by William Dirks.
Uzbek-English dictionary
Uzbek - English dictionary / Inglizcha - O'zbekcha lug'at.
The Alternative Uzbek Dictionary
The Alternative Uzbek Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Uzbek English Dictionary (PDF Document)
The Central Asian Heritage Group - Advanced Uzbek English Dictionary.: Advanced Uzbek English Dictionary (PDF Document) Organization for the.
Uzbek Glossary
The Uzbek Glossary's Main Page.
Useful Uzbek Phrases
A collection of useful phrases in Uzbek.
Uzbek Vocabulary (PDF Document)
Language Competencies Uzbek Vocabulary.
Uzbek English Dictionary
dic.uz Uzbek English dictionary.

Other Uzbek Dictionary Translation

Dictionary Uzbek New
Uzbek-Russian Dictionary.
German Uzbek
Isman Online Uzbek Woerterbuch

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