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Uzbek Dictionary
Total number of words in Uzbek English dictionary is now 32925 (+10000).
Uzbek Dictionary
English-uzbek, uzbek-english dictionary. O'zbekcha-Inglizcha, Inlizcha-o'zbekcha yangi onlayn lug'at.
Uzbek-English Dictionary
Zangari Kema Uzbek - English Dictionary by William Dirks.
Uzbek-English Dictionary
Uzbek - English dictionary / Inglizcha - O'zbekcha lug'at.
Uzbek Dictionary
Uzbek-Russian Dictionary.
The Alternative Uzbek Dictionary
The Alternative Uzbek Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Uzbek English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
The Central Asian Heritage Group - Advanced Uzbek English Dictionary.: Advanced Uzbek English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format) Organization for the.
Uzbek Phrasebook
UzbekPhrasebook Published on 2011.
Uzbek Glossary
The Uzbek Glossary's Main Page.
Uzbek Language Survival Kit
Basic Guide Uzbek Language.
Useful Uzbek Phrases
A collection of useful phrases in Uzbek.
Dictionary of Uzbek Metaphors
Center for turkic and iranien lexicograph and dialectoology: metaphors about people, bird and animal, plant, nature, place, science and technology and other miscellaneous metaphors.
Vocabulary Bokhara
A vocabulary of the dialect of Bokhara by Ole Olufsen.
Uzbek Vocabulary (in downloadable PDF format)
Language Competencies Uzbek Vocabulary.
Uzbek Concise Thematic Dictionary
Dictionary is a unique resource that compares the lexical features of the contemporary Uzbek literary language and the Tashkent dialect.
Uzbek Anthem (in downloadable PDF format)
National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Uzbek phrasebook (1977) New
English-Russian-Uzbek phrasebook (1977).
Uzbek English Dictionary
dic.uz Uzbek English dictionary.
Uzbek Turc dictionary

Other Uzbek Dictionary Translation

Dictionary Uzbek
Uzbek-Russian Dictionary.
Dictionary Uzbek-Turkish
Reference: Dictionaries - World Languages - Turkis.
German Uzbek
Isman Online Uzbek Woerterbuch.

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