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Tibetan Alphabet
The Tibetan Alphabet - Consonants and Vowels - Stacked Letters and Examples - Tibetan Numbers.
Tibetan Alphabet
The Tibetan script was adapted from the Lancha form of the Indian letters by Thonmi Sambhota ...
Tibetan script
The Tibetan script is an abugida of Indic origin used to write the Tibetan language as well as the Dzongkha language, Ladakhi language and sometimes the Balti language.
Tibetan Alphabet
The Tibetan alphabet is derived from the ancient Brahmi script - so one can see similarities to the Indian alphabets. There are actually two different styles of the Tibetan script.
Tibetan Calligraphy (PDF) New
How to write the Tibetan dbu-can script
Tibetan Writing System
The Tibetan writing system is used to write Tibetan, Dzongkha, Ladakhi and several other languages.
Tibetan Calligraphy
How to write the Tibetan script.
Tibetan Alphabet (PDF Document)
This is an instructional manual for teaching the extended Wylie transliteration system to speakers of Tibetan languages.
Tibetan Calligraphy
How to write the Tibetan dbu-can script.

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