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Introduction to Hindi Grammar

Introduction to Hindi Grammar (Paperback) by Usha R. Jain (Author)

Language:  English
ISBN:  094461325X
Author/Editor:  by Usha R. Jain (Author)

Introduction to Hindi Grammar
Outline of Hindi Grammar: With Exercises

This book has a twofold purpose: first to provide a concise presentation of the essential grammar of modern Hindi, with graded exercises, which brings beginners as quickly as possible to the point where they can read modern prose with profit; and secondly, to serve as reference for those consolidating their grasp of the language. It is therefore, of interest to students beginning courses in Hindi and those who have already learned some. People planning to visit India for business of pleasure will also find it useful, as colloquial vocabulary and style receive equally detailed attention as the more formal written style. The material is presented in roman transliteration as well as in the Indian script, so that the beginner can work through the book unimpeded by script problems, while still enjoying the advantage of contact with the script from the outset. Additions to the third edition include a new set of listening and reading exercises and grammatical index. Available for the first time there are two accompanying cassettes containing the complete Hindi text of the original exercises together with the newly added exercises. Revised and updated, available for the first time with accompanying cassettes.

Hardcover:   336 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0198700075
Author/Editor:  by R. S. McGregor (Author)

Outline of Hindi Grammar: With Exercises

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