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A Chinese-English Dictionary of Medical & Health

A Chinese-English Dictionary of Medical & Health (Paperback)

Paperback:  663 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  7506809079
Author/Editor:  L. L. Kairong

A Chinese-English Dictionary of Medical & Health
Chinese-english Medical Dictionary

This dictionary is the result of a national research project conducted at the Sun Yatsen Medical University. It contains 140,000 medical entries, of which 9,000 very new and not available in comparable dictionaries. This dictionary is compiled on the basis of the standardization of English translation of Chinese medical terminology. With standard English pronunciation, indicating sources in etymology, anatomy, medical subject headings, pharmacy, mental disorder, etc.

Paperback:  pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  7560034500
Author/Editor:  by Wang Xiaoying (Author)

Chinese-english Medical Dictionary
An English-Chinese Medical Dictionary

Printed at least 150, 000 editions since it was first published in 1978. Now completely revised, this second edition, with more than 160, 000 entries (60, 000 new additions since the first edition), has added many useful features including Latin terms for Chinese herbs, medical technology, and new medical specialties.

Hardcover:  1812 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  7117080450
Author/Editor:  by Lu Zai-Ying (Editor)

An English-Chinese Medical Dictionary
Chinese Medical Characters

This work is an integral part of the Chinese Medicine Language series for students and practitioners. It presents the first 100 characters based upon frequency of use in medical texts, as well as an overall program designed to help the student acquire the necessary tools for building a thorough vocabulary.

Paperback:  233 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0912111682
by:   Nigel Wiseman (Author), Zhaang Yeuhauan (Author), Yuhuan Zhang (Author),

A Handbook on Chinese Medical Terminology

How to Take a Patient's Medical History -- A Handbook on Chinese Medical Terminology (English and Chinese Edition).
Over the past two decades, China has welcomed doctors from overseas to come and share in its opening and development. Medical service in China is not possible without knowing the Chinese language.

Paperback:  112 pages
Language:  English, Chinese
ISBN:  981430509X
by:  Annelies Wilder-Smith

Chinese Medical Glossary

This glossary contains over 2,400 biomedical English terms translated into Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), with corresponding English definitions.

Paperback:  210 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  1463628900
by:  The Cross Cultural Health Care Program

Chinese Medical Qigong

Correlating the traditional therapies of Qigong with the latest outcomes of scientific research, this is the authoritative introduction to the knowledge system and content of Qigong study.

Paperback:  400 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  1848190964
by:   Tianjun Liu (Editor), Xiao Mei Qiang (Editor)

Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology

Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology integrates contemporary understanding of the ancient practice of Chinese herbal medicine with essential safety information for a context in which use of pharmaceutical and traditional medicines is increasingly integrated in the treatment of illness.

Paperback:  1267 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0974063509
by:   John K. Chen (Author), Tina T. Chen (Author), ...

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