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English Articles
"A, An, The" definite and indefinite articles in English.
The Use and Nonuse of Articles
The articles a (or an) and the are signals for four distinctions.
Choosing the Correct Article
Question: Is the noun definite or indefinite?
Grammar Article
This tutorial contains two sections on articles.
Grammar: A, An, The
English Works! Grammar: When to use When to Use A, An, The.
Article Explanation
Step 1: Definition - Step 2: Practice Exercises - Step 3: Learning more.
The Use and Non-Use of Articles.
When to Use "the"
In the exercise below, try to work out a rule for the examples given.
The words a, an, and the are articles. A and an are indefinite articles; the is a definite article.
the or nothing
English grammar: THE or nothing?
A, An, The, or (Nothing)
ESL Quiz - A, An, The, or (Nothing) (Larry Davies) I-TESL-J.
Quiz on Articles
The Definite Article" (the), the Indefinite Article" (a or an) or the Zero Article" (-).
Intermediate English
Articles determiners przedimki rodzajniki anglieski cwicenia matura.
Articles: Health Clubs
ESL Quiz - Articles (Colleen Weldele) I-TESL-J.
Nouns and Articles
Using the Articles a, an, some, and the before Nouns.
ARTICLES (a, an, the, or no article).

Articles Quizzes
Complete with a, an or the Gap-Fill Exercise.
Articles (a, an, the)
FOOD: Enjoy your meal ! Choose between : a / an / the / o ( espace vide ).
A, An, or (Nothing)
ESL Quiz - A, An, or (Nothing) (Letitia Bradley) I-TESL-J.
Articles Exercises
Complete the sentences with A, An, The or -- (= nothing).
A, an, the
Put in the boxes A, AN or THE!
Defiinite-Indefinite Article
L'article défini-The definite article - (THE) - L'article indéfini-The Indefinite Article.
some, a, an
What word do you need to complete the sentence? - Countable nouns + some/a/an.
English by e-mail
INTERMEDIATE GRAMMAR - by Elek Máthé - Put the definite article "the" in the following sentences.
Articles, Determiners, and Quantifiers
Articles, determiners, and quantifiers are those little words that precede and modify nouns.
A, An, The articles
"A, An, The" definite and indefinite articles in English - - Beginning Guide to indefinite articles.
a, an, the or nothing
English Study Quiz - A, An or [Nothing].
A, An, The or Nothing
ESL Quiz - A, An, The or Nothing (Charles Kelly) I-TESL-J.
Articles & Notes on The English Language
Articles written about English language learning, teaching and usage, giving descriptions and explanations for some of the more common problem areas.

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