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Exercise English
Pronunciation and spelling - The language of trends - describing graphs - Language of presentations - making reference ...
Business English
Business English - Revision Exercises.
Common Errors
Choose the correct sentence from each group of four.
Business English Exercises
Business English Grammar Exercises.
English Exercises with answers
Home page for Japanese students of English for speech and listening skills.
Business Studies Course
Business Studies Course - Investment company - Exercise 1 to 15.
Vocabulary Exercises
English Business: Vocabulary Training Exercises in English, German, French and Spanish.
Grammar exercises for English learners
Grammar exercises for learners of English as a second language.
General English Language Exercises
General English Exercises. Vocabulary and grammar.
Online exercises Grammar
On this page you find a selection of grammar quizzes that can be done online. .
English exercises
Grammar - Links - Lessons.
Test your English
It's easy to test your English - just select one of the categories listed below, click on a particular test, and then do the test!
English exercises
This website was designed to allow you to practice English.
Your chance of practising English with OM EXERCISE interaction is here !!

Interactive exercises - Vocabulary exercises
On this page you find a selection of quizzes that can be done online. .
Free Online English Tests
Easy English ~ free online ESL tests.
English Pool of Exercises
Choose from 4287 random sentences to practise the different tenses according to your level of English.
Interactive English Language Exercises
Online exercises for students of English as a Foreign Language, practising grammar, vocabulary, and idioms.
Business English Grammar Lessons
Business English Grammar Exercises.
Exercises English
List of Exercises in The Internet Grammar of English.
Introduction to IELTS
IELTS International English Language Testing System: Introduction to IELTS - an introductory course with explanatory notes and practice exercises for IELTS preparation .
Free TOEFL practice test
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand North American English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university settings.
Auto-English Exercises
Free Interactive and Handout exercises for EFL ESL Students and Teachers.
English language exercises and competitions
Here you can test your knowledge of English, try out our online activities and even win a free English course. So what would you like to learn today?
Free English Practice Exercises
The Language Project, Bristol: Learn English and practise with free interactive exercises.
English exercises
English exercises - English grammar exercises - Ejercicios para aprender ingles.
English grammar exercises
Free Online and Printout Exercises for Learners and Teachers of English.
English Listening Exercises
Improve your English Language with my English Listening Exercises.
English Exercises Online
Exercises for students of English as a Foreign or Second Language, with exercises for all levels.

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