English Grammar Nouns, Count and Uncountable Nouns Online

What is a Noun?
Nouns are very easy to spot. A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea.
Collective Nouns
Hoadworks - AWAD Quiz 18 - Collective Nouns.
Animal Collective Nouns
Collective nouns for groups of animals are fun.
Singular and Plural Nouns
Match the singular nouns with the correct plural nouns. Words include both regular and irregular nouns.
Animal Nouns
Animal Groups List.
uncountable noun
Business English - Word: cover (uncountable noun).
Grammar Nouns
Nouns name a person, place, thing, idea, animal, quality, or action.
A Quiz of Collectives
Test your vocabulary skills on the following list of animal collectives.
Group Names for Birds
Group Names for Birds: A Partial List By Terry Ross.
Irregular Nouns
English Grammar: Irregular Plurals of Nouns - Spelling.
Collective Nouns
Fun With Words: Collective Nouns.
Animal Congregations
Common Questions: What Do You Call a Group of...?
Collective Nouns
Collective Nouns for Birds.

Non-Countable Nouns
ESL Scrambled Word Quiz - Non-Countable Nouns 2 (Charles I. Kelly) I-TESL-J.
Uncountable Nouns
OWL at Purdue University: Adjectives with Countable and Uncountable Nouns.
Uncountable nouns
Uncountable nouns - a crossword for learners of English.
Collective Nouns
One of the many oddities of the English language is the multitude of different names given to collections or groups, be they beasts, birds, people or things. Many of these collective nouns are beautiful and evocative, even poetic.
Collective Nouns!
Terrms originally evolved as hunting terms which is why so many describe field and gaming animals. Sometimes a collective noun can be used as a plural noun. Examples of these collective nouns are water, money, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, sand, soap, dirt, etc.
Noncount Nouns
Noncount Nouns online by Brenda Sansom-Moorey or Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Count and Noncount Nouns* (But Were Afraid to Ask).
Noncountable Nouns
Identifying Countable and Non-countable Nouns.
Countable or Uncountable?
Grammar - Countable-Uncountable.
Count / Non Count
Countable vs. Non countable Nouns - Quiz Yourself!
Count and Non-count Nouns
Exercise on Count and Non-count Nouns @ The Internet Grammar of English

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