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Long Island Vowels
Acoustical Society of America 134th Meeting Lay Language Papers.
FoRK Archive: Lawn Guyland talk is curable
Natives of greater New York can get rich faster if they sound like they are from someplace else.
Everything! New York
A peek into how to speak like a New Yorker; or decipher how one speaks to you!
Western New York Travel Guide: Erie Canal Glossary
A Erie Glossary: Or how to talk like a "canawler".
Tidbits about Upstate New York
Tidbits about Upstate New York - RoundTheBend's Online Travel Guide(sm).
New York dialect (From Wikipedia)
The New York dialect of the English language is spoken by most European Americans, and some non-European Americans, who were raised in New York City and much of its metropolitan area including the lower Hudson Valley, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey bordering the Hudson River.
New York English
Phonetics and Phonology - The vowel system - Rhoticity.
New Yorkese
On Language; New Yorkese

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