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German Dialects Link Catalogue
This website contains a list of links relevant to the module MLG 2016: Modern German Dialects offered by the German Department of the University of Exeter.
German Dialects
The German you learned may not be the German you'll hear when you find yourself in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.
Dialectology of Swiss German
Dialectology of Swiss German - Herausgeber/Editor: Beat Siebenhaar.
A quick guide to the Swiss German Language
Did you learn that they speak German in Switzerland? That's a misunderstanding!
German Genealogy: Dialects
This list is an attempt to bring a little light into the jungle of German dialects.
Cool German
Want to show some street cred? Here is their essential guide to young German people's slang by Andrea Hoffmann, presenter of our beginners’ online course German Steps.
German Dialects Link Catalogue
SCHWEIZERDEUTSCH (Swiss German) - Dictionaries and Vocabulary - Associations and Institutions - Literature and Texts - Music - Regional.
Learn to Swear in German
Jeff Z's World of Crap Presents - Learn to Swear in German!

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