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Quebec English is the common term for the set of various linguistic and social phenomena affecting the use of English in the predominantly French-speaking Canadian Province of Quebec.
10 Québecois idioms the French don’t understand
While a French person might think that this idiom has something to do with style or elegance ("allure"), the French Canadians are only trying to explain that whatever is happening is ridiculously crazy.
10 Quebec French Phrases You Need to Know
Quebec French, or Québécois, is spoken by well over six million people in Canada, most of them living in la belle province.
Quebec French lexicon
There are various lexical differences between Quebec French and Metropolitan French in France. These are distributed throughout the registers, from slang to formal usage.
36 French Canadian Words and Phrases
You thought you were fluent in French but don't understand French Canadian?
Canadian French in Quebec
Words and Expressions Only a Local Would Know.
English vs. Quebecois Slang
If you live in Montreal, you already know that you’ve got the lucky opportunity to be surrounded by a bilingual culture.
Quintessential Quebecois
The easiest way to distinguish a Quebecois from a French person are the swearwords used in Quebec namely Osti, ...
Slang Québécois
15 Slang Québécois Terms And What They Really Mean.
Quebec expressions
50 Commonly Used Quebec French Expressions Translated To English.
English-speaking Quebecer
Things Quebecers say that the rest of the world just doesn’t understand.

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