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Hebrew/English Dictionary
Biblical Hebrew Dictionary Index.
Hebrew Lexicon
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon.
Hebrew-English Dictionary
A complete Hebrew-English pocket-dictionary to the Old Testament by Feyerabend, Karl, 1849-1916.
A dictionary of the Targumim
The Talmud Babli, and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic literature by Jastrow, Marcus, 1829-1903.
Hebrew Concise Dictionary
A Concise Dictionary of Hebrew Philosophical Terms by Rabbi Abraham Heschel.
Hebrew for Christians Glossary
Hebrew Word List.
Hebrew Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
New Testament Greek to Hebrew Dictionary.
The Significance of etymology for the interpretation of ancient writings
From the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament. Appendix 2 (pp. 212-257) to Alexander Militarev. The Jewish Conundrum in World History. Academic Studies Press. Boston, 2010, 274 p.
Building Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary
By Ernst Wendland.
Hebrew vocabularies
Lists of the most frequently occurring Hebrew words by Harper, William Rainey, 1856-1906.
A dictionary of the Targumim
The Talmud Babli, and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic literature by Jastrow, Marcus, 1829-1903.
Hebrew Lexicon
Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon.

A Hebrew and English lexicon of the Old Testament
With an appendix containing the biblical Aramaic by Brown, Francis, 1849-1916; Robinson, Edward, ...
Hebrew - English Dictionary
The Old Testament Hebrew Lexikon. Search words in any book of the Bible, read the findings.
The American Heritage Dictionary Semitic Roots Appendix
Appendix II - Semitic Roots Hebrew Dictionary.
Biblical Hebrew
A Student's Vocabulary For Biblical Hebrew And Aramaic.
Hebrew Lexicon
An English and Hebrew lexicon composed after Johnson's directory, containing fifteen thousand English words, rendered into Biblical, or rabbinical Hebrew, or into Chaldee. To which is annexed a list of English and Hebrew words the expressions and meanings of which appear to be the same in both languages by Newman, Selig, 1788-1871:
Hebrew Biblical Dictionary
Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew.
Shoroshim (PDF document) New
The Ultimate and Unique English Thesaurus of Hebrew Verb Roots.
English-Hebrew lexicon
An English-Hebrew lexicon, being a complete verbal index to Gesenius' Hebrew lexicon by Potter, Joseph Lewis; Gesenius, Wilhelm, 1786-1842; Robinson, Edward, 1794-1863.
Biblical Hebrew
Larry Mitchel - A Student's Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew Uploaded by Ivan Yerzin.
Hebrew Dictionary Ancient (Excel Document)
Hebrew Dictionary Ancient Hebrew Research Center Home Page.
Targumim Dictionary
Dictionary of Targumim, Talmud and Midrashic Literature by Marcus Jastrow (1926).

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