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Bible Dictionary
Study Helps Bible Dictionary.
Smith's Bible Dictionary on StudyLight.org
Bible Dictionaries available online free at StudyLight.org for sermon, Bible study, and Sunday school preparation.
Glossary Art and Bible
The meaning of words related to the art of painting.
Bible Encyclopedia
ChristianAnswers.Net's WebBible Encyclopedia - home page. Cross-referenced with Bible references, articles, definitions, and answers from experts.
Hypertext Bible Dictionary
Online Bible dictionary: biblical terms explained, people, places, technical terms... serious biblical studies resource.
Bible: The Old Testament
SparkNotes: Bible: The Old Testament: Character List.
Christianpost Dictionary
Christian Post Dictionary is a one of a kind Christian Dictionary. .
Bible Names (Zip file)
More than 2,000 names from the Bible and their descriptions. Courtesy to Don McIlrath.
The Bible Online
Bible.com - The Bible Online, Bible Prayer Room, Christian Community, Market Place and more..

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