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Azerbaijani Dictionary
The Alternative Azeri Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Azeri English Dictionary
Webster's Online Dictionary Azeri English.
Azerbaijani Dictionary
AzerDict - Azerbaijani English Dictionary.
Learning Azeri in Social Context
Azeri Expressions: Azeri Usual Expressions. Proverbs, Proverbs About Food and More. The following series "Sociolinguistically Speaking" introduces language learning in its social context as spoken in Baku.
Dictionary Azeri to English
Free online Azeri English dictionary. LingvoSoft free online Azeri dictionary.
Azerice Sözlük
Dictionary Azeri turc.
Azerbaijani for Traveler
Foreign Languages for Travelers.
English Azeri Dictionary
Free online English Azeri dictionary. LingvoSoft free online English dictionary.
Spellchecker Azeri
Azeri Orthographic Dictionary.
Azeri Expressions
Azerbaijani Proverbial Expressions.
Pamukkale Üniversitesi
Azerbaijani Dictionary in Azeri and Turkish. Azerbaijani field in both Cyrillic and when you search you can search the Latin alphabet.

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