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Tamazight English Dictionary
Asegzawal Tamazight Tanglizt.
English - Tamazight
Lexicon : English - Tamazight - Enter a word in english.
English-Berber Dictionary
English-Tarifit Dictionary.
Berber Dictionary
English - Berber - Arabic dictionary.
English-Kabyle Dictionary
Taqbaylit-Taglizit. Dictionary - kabyle english dictionary - english-kabyle.
Berber Dictionary
Free dictionary - English-Tamazight. Amawal Ingliz - Amaziɣ - Aɛrab.
Dictionary Imazighen (in downloadable PDF format)
Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen).
Dictionary Berber
Dictionary Berber Arabic French and English.
The Tamasheq language
Les expressions courantes en tamasheq.
Berber English Dictionary
Websters Online Dictionary Berber English.
Berber Words
Berber words from Merzouga region in Sahara Desert.

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