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Finnish - English full dictionary - English - Finnish dictionary (17851)
Finnish - English dictionary (29180 words).
English to Finnish Dictionary
Finnish-English and English-Finnish Glossaries.
Dict.info Finnish Dictionaries
Online bilingual Finnish-English and many other foreign dictionaries.
Finnish Dictionary
A Shorter Finnish Dictionary compiled by Andras Rajki 2008.
Sanakirja (Finnish) - English
Sanakirja.org is a completely free Internet Dictionary. Supported languages: English, Finnish, Swedish and German.
TEPA – Terminologicentralen
Finnish technical Terminology.
Finnish Verb Conjugator
Ugric languages - Finnish - Finnish is the national language of Finland. It's a Ugric language spoken by 6 million native speakers.
Dictionary English-Finnish (in downloadable PDF format)
Sanalista Englanti-Suomi.
The Finnish WordNet
FinnWordNet – the Finnish WordNet is a lexical database for Finnish. It is a part of the FIN-CLARIN infrastructure project.
English-Finnish Dictionary Advancedversion 2.1
English-Finnish Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Finnish Dictionary of Real Estate.
Finnish-Hungarian-English Dictionary - En Fin Dictionary
The FinnHun, Finnish-Hungarian-English On-line Dictionary and Thesaurus has been carried out with the support of the European Community.
Finnish Dictionary and Phrasebook (Google eBook)
Finnish-English, English-Finnish Dictionary by Ville Kataja.
Lexitec Finnish Glossaries
English-Finnish and Finnish-English glossaries of computer terms. The Dictionary of computing English 2000 (Atk-englannin sanakirja 2000) is now available as an eBook. This PDF edition of Lexitec English-Finnish computer dictionary translates 7200 essential English computer terms into Finnish.
Finnish English Travel Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Finnish - English Travel Dictionary for Knitters and Crocheters.
Mathematical Dictionary
English-Finnish Mathematical Dictionary.
Finnish-English Vocabulary Quizzes
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes (Finnish-English Study Materials, ESL, EFL).
Finnish-Swedish-English Mathematical Dictionary
There are two search engines for this dictionary: intelligent math word search - The current version of my English - Finnish - Swedish mathematical dictionary san11.xls is given as an Excel worksheet only.
Travlang's English-Finnish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (English-Finnish) contains 1,800 terms. Also see travlang's Finnish-English Dictionary.
Learn to Speak Finnish in 3 Minutes
Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition.
Travlang: Finnish for Travelers
Suomea Matkailijoille - A few dozen useful Finnish words.
Travlang's Finnish-English On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Finnish-English) contains 1,800 terms. Also see travlang's English-Finnish Dictionary.
Robb: Finnish English
This is a dictionary of some Finnish words used in the English language, each with a literal or Finnish meaning, English definition and sometimes actual sample sentence(s) from literature and the Internet.
English–Finnish dictionary, Finnish–English
Statistics dictionary: English–Finnish and Finnish–English.
Translator - Suomienglantisanakirja
Finnish-English Dictionary and Translation.
Freelang Finnish-English dictionary
Download our free dictionary (for Windows or Android) and browse both the Finnish-English and the English-Finnish lists.
Finnish Words Book
Suomalainen sana-kirja. Lexicon linguae finnicae, cum interpretatione duplici, copiosiore latina, breviore germanica by Renvall, Gustaf.
Tervetuloa Kielitoimiston sanakirjaan
Language Office Dictionary.
Finnish Mathematics Dictionary
Mathematics Dictionary - Finnish-Swedish-English-Russian.
Glossary of English to Finnish Education
Glossary of English to Finnish translations (Education / Pedagogy terms).
Craft Dictionary
Craft Dictionary Finnish-English-Swedish.

Other Finnish Dictionary Translation

Multilingual Vepsian-Carelian-Estonian-Finnish Dictionary
Vepsä-karjala-viro-suomi sanasto / Vepsian-Carelian-Estonian-Finnish Dictionary.
Finnish Etruscan dictionary
Etruski-suomi sanasto.
LEXIN Swedish-Finnish Dictionary
Online bilingual Finnish-Swedish Dictionary.
Finnish House Names (in downloadable PDF format)
Laila Lehikoinen (Helsinki, Finland) - Finnish House Names and Their Connection with Surnames.
Finnish-Russian Dictionaries
Online dictionary -- Finnish - Russian Universal Dictionary (about 38.000 articles).
Finnish-Swedish Dictionary
Suomalais-ruotsalainen sanakirja by Cannelin, Knut Leopold, 1860.
Latin-Finnish Dictionary (Google eBook)
Latinais-suomalainen sanakirja, koulujen tarpeeksi [by F.W.Rothsten].
Finnish Dictionary (Word Document)
Russian Finnish dictionary.
Finnish Morphological Analyzer.
the mathematics swedish Dictionary
English-Finnish-Swedish Mathematics Dictionary.
Finnish-Spanish On-line Dictionary
Finnish-Spanish-Finnish On-line Dictionary. travlang's Translating Dictionaries.
Finnish-Swedish Dictionary
Finsk-swensk ordbok by Gustaf Erik Eurén.
Romanian-Finnish Dictionary Online
Romanian-Finnish-Romanian dictionary with over 25,000 keywords.
Finnish-Swedish Wordlist
Finsk-svensk utbildningsordlista -framsida.
Finnish-French Dictionary
Sanasto Finnish-French Online Dictionary.
Hungarian-Finnish Dictionary
FinnHun Hungarian-Finnish-English Dictionary.
Finnish Etymology
The Etymology of Finnish sauna "Sauna".
Finnish Glossary
Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - Finnish English Glossary.
Finnish - Swedish - Finnish
Skolverkets svensk-finskt lexikon.
English-Finnish dictionary of geochronology
Geokronologian englanti-suomi-sanasto.
Karelian Russian Finnish Dictionary
Karjalais - Venäläis - Suomalainen sanakirja.

Mobile App for Finnish Dictionary

Free Dict Finnish English (Android Apps)
The Finnish English Dictionary & Translator is an easy to use, lightning fast, user friendly dictionary with a huge database.
Finnish-English Dictionary (Android Apps)
This is a comprehensice, offline Finnish-English Translation Dictionary.
Finnish Lexical
The Wor(l)ds of Kalevala: Finnish Lexical Loans in Modern English (2013).
Finnish English Dictionary and Translator (iTunes)
The leading Finnish English Dictionary and Translator for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

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